Sectors With The LOWEST Paid Internships Revealed In New Study

Internships are an important and common part of the graduate job market with 29,070 Google searches per month for “paid internships”. states that the average internship salary across the UK is £20,715 per year, which is around £1,477 per month but interns can receive half of that. With that in mind, scouring through 1,257 intern positions on the job platform, was intrigued to find out which job sectors pay the most and least when it comes to internships.

Highest Paid Intern Roles

Top Five Highest Paid Internships on IndeedAverage Salary Per Month
Web development£1,450.00

Taking second place is a role within the business sector with an average monthly salary of £1,550. Roles included on the job platform consist of business strategist intern, business development intern and global strategic intern.

The third highest paid intern role is in finance with an average salary of £1,500 per month. Internship opportunities vary from accounting, insurance, stockbroking, and bookkeeping. Number-savvy interns who decide to pursue a career in finance can earn 19.3% more than the average intern salary.

Lowest Paid Intern Roles were also intrigued to find out which internship roles on Indeed are currently the lowest paid

Top Five Lowest Paid Internships on IndeedAverage Salary Per Month

Marketing roles place in third with an average of £800 per month. These internships cover an array of job roles in digital marketing, PR and communications. Like fashion, the monthly average salary is below the national living wage as it is nearly twice as likely to underpay.

Taking third place are sales intern roles with an average salary of £950 per month. Sales roles are known to be commission based, therefore the base average salary of £950 per month may reflect differently from business to individual skills. 

Talveer Sandhu from commented: “The job market is competitive which is why internships are a proactive stage of attaining that necessary experience for a step on the career ladder. In the past, internships have received negativity with many employers not paying their interns accordingly, so it is reassuring to see that many industries are breaking through that stereotype. However, it is still abundantly clear that a few sectors need a bit of work to pay their interns fairly with a realistic living wage.”

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