Great Design Ideas for Family Gardens

When you move into your family home, it’s important you consider whether it can accommodate all the joy, memories and challenges that families face. If you want pets, you might look for a home with adequate outdoor space, if you want children, you might think about extra bedrooms or a playroom.

One thing’s for sure, there are few families who move into a house and leave it exactly as they bought it. More often than not there will be adaptations, expansions and improvements to be made to transform a family ‘house’ into a family ‘home’. Today we’re focusing on the changes you can make in your garden to make it more family-friendly.

Add a play area

If there’s one activity your family garden should accommodate – it’s play time! As children grow and develop, they love to get outdoors and play on climbing frames, in sand pits and amongst the trees. Some family houses come with gardens that are a little uninspiring.

Adding a dedicated play area to your garden will make the children feel like they have ‘their own’ area of the garden to explore and will leave other areas of the garden free for more adult activities, like fire-pits and BBQs.

Get the kids planting

Children love to get their hands dirty and play in the mud, and while unsupervised digging could lead to a few garden disasters, there’s lots of fun to be had when it comes to planting!

A quick trip to your local supermarket or garden centre will give you a wide range of different seeds to choose from. The children will get a great sense of achievement out of watching their plants grow, especially if they can eat the end result too. That’s why plants like strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers are a great hit in family gardens.

Alternatively, you could let the children choose whatever seeds they like and turn the garden planting into a competition. Either way, getting children interested in nature is important at every age, so why not do it in your garden?

Choose low-maintenance features

One of the ways that you can change your family garden to be more family-friendly is to reduce the amount of upkeep you have to do. Let’s be honest, no parent wants to spend their summer Sundays mowing the lawn when they could be spending quality time doing something fun!

Well, in today’s day and age, it’s possible to turn your garden into a very low-maintenance space with just a few simple adjustments. Start by looking at the garden features you already have. Can they be improved or replaced with some something that requires less work?

Let’s take an old timber deck, for example. Timber decking requires a rigorous maintenance regime if you want to keep it looking good, this might involve sanding, staining, sealing or painting at least once a year. Not only will this take time away from your family, it will also cost you a lot of money.

A great alternative to timber decking is composite decking. Composite decking has the look and feel of real wood that most homeowners find appealing, but features a polymer sleeve that reduces the amount of maintenance required by a significant amount.

By choosing composite decking for your family garden, you’ll no longer have to worry about sanding, staining, painting or sealing. The polymer sleeve will preserve the decking with little input from you. The only thing a composite deck will need is the occasional wipe over or wash down to keep it clean – perfect for busy family gardens.

Hopefully these family garden design ideas will help you create an outdoor space that you and your family can all enjoy.

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