Remote working is now the new normal

Remote working used to be the dream of the future.  Now, it’s very much the reality of the present and looks set to stay that way.  Supporting remote working allows employers to attract the best talent from anywhere.  For employees, it provides more flexibility to work where they want and to make the most of their free time.

Modern remote working has been made possible by the widespread rollout of broadband internet.  Now, most workers in most parts of the UK can access reliable fast or even super-fast internet from home.  This is only set to get faster.  Over the coming years, the UK will be changing from fibre to the cabinet to fibre to the door.

In simple terms, fibre to the cabinet means that there are superfast connections through the UK’s main digital highways.  The “last step” connections, however, are slower.  With fibre to the door, that highway speed can be maintained to each property (residential or business).  This will offer major benefits especially to people who work from home.

Speed, however, is not enough on its own.  You need security to go with it.  This is arguably the real challenge of supporting remote working, especially for smaller businesses.  The best solution is often to partner with a managed IT services provider.  That way you are guaranteed full service and security monitoring 24/7/365.

Once remote workers are connected to the company network, they need the same level of service as they would get in an office.  This is entirely possible, but it does require planning and management and, of course, security must be a top priority.  If you’re interested in a quick and simple guide to what this means, check out the infographic below.

Infographic Designed By M247

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