Let’s talk about the philosophy of rooms

Interior design is not all about seating, lighting, space and style for the sake of style. If you have ever attended a lecture about interior design, you will be pleased and surprised to hear that the first thing students are told is to understand the philosophy of the room. The bedroom is made for sleeping but much more else. It’s the only room we feel comfortable being naked in. it’s the only room that we feel truly free. It’s also the only room in which we go all out to express our style. Not even the living room gets this privilege. We shall explore why and much more, right now.

The dining room

The dining room is not just a place where you sit to eat. It’s where you come to entertain guests. You fill their stomachs and you also, talk and chat about the various important things going on in each other’s lives. So you need a room which is not going to echo, not going to be too brightly lit and not too close to another room that will disturb the guests. Can you think if your home ticks all these boxes? 

A dining room is also about providing comfortable seating. When we sit upright we need the right amount of support and comfort at the same time. Picking the right dining table set for sale is therefore an important task. The Urban Deco Naples set with the blue velvet chair and white marble table is simply to die for. It’s rustic, tough and most of all, sturdy. It can bounce light around the room with some restraint, which is what a dining room made for entertaining should do.


The bedroom

The bedroom is where we have the most intimate moments in our life. We share magical nights with our loved one and we also have amazing dreams. However, the bedroom is all of the above things we mention and more. The bedroom is also where you dress. Therefore, having a good wardrobe that makes the process of deciding what to wear easier, is the key to having a better-designed bedroom. Look for best quality hollywood mirrors, HD Mirrors sell the best hollywood and illuminated led mirrors available on the market, see their products at hdmirrors.com. The open wardrobe style is coming back into fashion. People don’t mind looking at their clothes exposed in the wardrobe anymore. They just want convenience and less stress. 

The lounge room

We don’t have lounge rooms anymore, at least, not like they did in the early 20th century and prior. Lounge rooms used to be called smoking rooms or drawing rooms. This is where guests could come to sit, read in silence, smoke, drink or converse, all while never disturbing each other. Granted these rooms were very large, but the concept was very fitting. It was like a quiet coffee shop, with chaise lounge chairs! The philosophy of the lunge room is largely gone, but it’s been incorporated into the living room now. Does your living room offer the best modern rocking chairs to guests, so they can sit by themselves? 

Let’s think before we style. Acting without any thought as to why you’re doing something is never going to give you the effect you want in your heart. Styling a home takes a lot of introspective thought, so don’t cheat yourself or your home from this. If you need help in interior design, don’t be shy to contact professionals instead such as this Greenwich Interior Designer.

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