How to manage employees working from home

With more and more people working from home, businesses must think about how to manage employees.  Here are some top tips from former Waitrose MD and Trade Minister Lord Mark Price- founder of Engaging Business – a platform that helps people get happier at work.   


TRUST – Many employers have shied away from giving employees the freedom and flexibility to work from home because they fear that they simply won’t get the job done.  Research again and again shows that many employees are more productive working from home.  It is vital however that employers show they trust their employees working from home.  Show this trust through rewarding them by giving them this freedom and allowing them to coordinate their own working day.

EMPOWERMENT – The aim of any business is surely to make employees feel empowered.  There may be stumbling blocks when having an entire team suddenly working from home.  Listen to your employees and their ideas – they will bring solutions to these stumbling blocks and it will make them feel empowered in their new working environment.

DEVELOPMENT – Could working from home bring new opportunities to develop your team?  Online courses and training can be incredibly helpful for employees and importantly it makes them feel a valued member of the team.

INFORMATION – Sharing information is the most important and difficult element of achieving an engaged workforce and with having your team work from home this could prove problematic.  It could be very easy to slide into a ‘closed-door approach’ but putting in place daily meetings via conference calling will make the team feel that they are across any new information.  Giving employees information means they will understand the business and strategy, making a stronger organisation.

Lord Mark Price, Founder of Engaging Business comments on the launch; “More and more people are working from home. Whilst benefiting from not commuting our research at Engaging Works shows many feel isolated, miss contact with colleagues and training and development opportunities. Our new Working at Home survey enables organisations to ensure that home workers are happy and engaged. At home workers can also join our online community at to share their experiences and making connections on our Global Hub – a place for people to share ideas and help develop their careers.  We also offer free tools such as mentor matching and people can find information on development and training as well as an extensive business library.”

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