What can we do for our teenage girls to help them weather the storm of the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Two mums from Mumbles have come up with the answer. 

Teenagers have had more bumps in the road than most as we live through this pandemic. School yo-yoing open and closed, home learning, cancelled exams, uncertain futures, no time to hang out and decompress: remember what it was like as a teenager, and then imagine who you would feel if much of your freedom, fun, friendship and opportunities was taken away from you.

Like a lot of people, Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook sat down in March 2020 and realised that they no longer had a viable business. After spending over a year building their The HOW People through a series of live and in person events, everything they had worked towards stopped. Live talks nights #likeTEDtalksforteens with influential role models from different walks of life for over 100 teens at a time had to be cancelled across the country. Outdoor activities like surfing, mountain biking and climbing to get girls engaged in sport were called off, as was a summer course specialising in team building, self-confidence and the outdoors for those transitioning from primary to secondary school.

Time to reset

A couple of days to think, and The HOW People’s first digital offering was created: six weeks of raising money for the NHS by hosting live events on Zoom with incredible role models from Olympians to Architects and Soil Scientists to entrepreneurs. These events shared what makes these people who they are, what drives their passion, how they got there, and what advice they would give to their teenage self. Amazing, engaging and insightful stories inspired a generation of teens from the comfort of their sofa, connecting to people that they wouldn’t find in their usual reach. A whopping £1,800 raised and Jo and Polly decided to partner with The Goodwash Company to deliver care packs to frontline NS Staff.

What Next?

The HOW Peoples digital membership community was born. The HOW People now host a digital membership community for girls aged 11-16 years built on the pillars of HOW: Happiness, Opportunities and Wellbeing 

Our membership called ‘HOW Inspire’ by The HOW People connects teenage girls between 11-16 yrs to role models, mentors, coaching and community in a unique and exciting digital membership platform. It is a place where the members can meet new people, share their passions, grow their confidence and self esteem, and just be themselves. The community aims to be a place where they can learn something new every week, discuss important topics, navigate the changing world and connect to incredible role models who tell their stories of what makes them who they are, why they are passionate about what they do, and what advice they would give to their teenage self.

“Try not to worry about things you can’t control” 

“Never Cut your own hair”

“Don’t be afraid to get things wrong. If you never fail, you’ll never learn”

“Question everything”

 The first of its kind in the UK, live weekly interactive zoom calls are also recorded and stored exclusively for the members to catch up on or watch again. Parents describe it as:

“Like a weekly digital hug”

“Exactly what my daughter needs to help her through her teen years”

“A  weekly dose of friendship, happiness and community”

If this sound like what your daughted needs, HOW Inspire Membership will be opening for new members from 27-31 January.

Want to find out more: check out the Event Wednesday Webinar ‘The world is changing: 7 tips to help your teenage girl navigate her own path and thrive’ LINK TO WEBINAR 

Thursday #likeTEDtalksforteens “A MUST see for any young budding Zoologists, Botanists, Biologists and Adventurers.” LINK HERE TO REGISTER

**Join Jo and Polly on 27th January for their webinar ‘The world is changing: 7 tips to help your teenage girl navigate her own path and thrive**

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