Is There Any Point in Having an Office Anymore?

We ave all learnt how to work from home. And while the remote working revolution has been forced upon us, there are places where it is completely impractical. You can work from home, just as long as you are in the right industry. But for those businesses that have been able to keep afloat, during the pandemic, and even before that, it begs the question, is there any point having an office?

Has the Spirit of Community Gone?

Collaboration and community are integral to businesses. And it seems that the remote working setup has eradicated some aspects of it, but has also bolstered others. For someone planning an open office, it helps to have your core team under one roof. But at the same time, the remote working revolution, combined with the fact that the technology is able to cope with increased collaboration means that businesses can thrive. But you may think that if you are looking to incorporate community and dynamic working, the office needs to stay. When life returns to normal, there won’t be a complete influx of people migrating back to the office, but it will be a combination. The office will not disappear just yet.

The Benefits of Company Culture in an Office

Having an individual come into the business and being involved remotely can have its disadvantages. When someone comes into the working environment, they get a better understanding of how they can slot in. What’s more, the culture of the business is easily enforced. Because remote working is the primary approach right now, this can prove intimidating to new employees. The best approach is to have a mixture of remote working and office employees while switching this around on occasion. But having an individual work in the office environment gives them a better grasp of the business and what they stand for. Employees working remotely may very well get more done, but if you are looking to promote a business and what it stands for, arguably, an office environment is pivotal.

Does Conflict Arise in the Office?

Some people think of the office as a battleground. It can be the place where you have to sit next to someone that you don’t particularly like. As a result, remote working can be a lifeline to people. And if you are debating the point of having an office, you can argue that conflict will arise whatever the environment. It’s easy enough to send an email that is misconstrued, and it is easy for you to get the wrong end of the stick when you are communicating with someone. And in one respect, more communication will improve this, and finding the right ways to communicate with certain employees. But working with people up close and personal is probably the best way to get a feel for what they are like. And it’s not even the conflict between employees that can cause an issue, there could be a potential conflict of interests. An employee who starts working remotely and then comes into the office environment can be in for the shock of a lifetime. They may find that the business was not what they had truly envisioned.  

The Pressures of Working in an Office Versus Working at Home

There’s the cliche that some parents come into work to get a break, but there are others who just do not get on with the office environment. From the fluorescent lights to the inane chatter, people can find that an office environment is not conducive to productivity. Conversely, working at home is ideal for some people because they are able to get more done, as well as the fact that the reduced commute results in a far better work-life balance. But of course, everybody has their own perceptions of what pressures mean to them. For many people, working at home was the best thing that ever happened to them. And in light of recent events, they could never imagine themselves going back to an office.

Is there any point in having an office? Everybody can be productive in certain environments. When life returns to normal, it’s likely we will see a mixture of remote working and office workers. And if you are someone who is at the point where you wonder if an office is a worthy investment, if you’re to ask yourself, where would I rather work? The answer might not be clear cut. Being able to work from home is a lifesaver in many instances, but an office can also be the bringer of sanity and collaboration.

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