Do you have enough space to work and homeschool?

Households across the UK are losing more than a fifth (22.2%) of their living space due to home working and homeschooling as revealed in a new report by the UK’s leading price comparison website comparison service MoneySuperMarket.  According to government guidelines 53.2 square feet is needed per person for home working and homeschooling and for a family of four that would be calculated at 212.8 square feet.  With the average UK home being 957.4 square feet, that’s almost a fifth (22.2%) of space being taken up by these necessary activities. 

Those living in apartments are in need of the most extra space, with over a third (32.4%) of their home dedicated to home working. The average sized terrace house would need to dedicate 30.9% and bungalows 25.7%. Those living in semi-detached housing are a little better off, as they need 20.6% of their home space for effective home working, whilst those in detached homes, only need to use 13.5% of their space. 

Over the last 12 months, searches for home extensions have increased by 85%, proving that Brits are looking for measures to expand their home space. With 65.2% of Brits currently owning a home, or 43.4 million, home renovations can expect to increase in popularity in their millions post lockdown – check out this article on 4 ways to improve your home this Spring. With the average home extension measuring 43×64 square feet, the added space provides more room for homeowners to continue home working into the future. 

Kate Devine, Insurance Expert at  MoneySuperMarket said: “Lockdown has proved difficult for most families struggling with limited space in their homes. Juggling homeschooling whilst also working from home means that many simply don’t have the space to work from home sufficiently. 

“Interest in home renovations have increased significantly over the last year, as families are searching for ways to extend their space. As many Brits have become accustomed to working from home, the number of home extensions can be expected to increase as workers plan to continue home working beyond lockdown.”

Whilst home renovations can provide more space for home working, alternative methods are available for families looking for immediate help with their homeschooling. Child and Educational Psychologist, Cassandra De Souza said: “Ideally it would be great to have a quiet space to study away from all toys and distractions but this may not be possible.  Do the best you can with the space and resources you have.  

“If you can, work away from the bedroom to keep a separation from school work and resting but if this is not possible then have an designated area or space that you can use and cover up or put away when it comes to bed time. 

“In smaller homes, acknowledge that things might be tricky but focus on what you have control of. Equipment and books might need to be kept in a box or bag so that things can be put out or away quickly.  Having a clear space to work whether that’s at a table or on the sofa would help not matter what is going on around, and headphones might be helpful to help filter out other noise.”

Read more tips for any parent who is struggling to find the balance between working from home and homeschooling and get more help when you’re homeschooling here.

From a two-up-two-down to a three bed semi-detached, here’s how much living space is being used up by these necessary activities. 

Home TypeAverage size in sq. ft% of home used
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