How to make an inspiring home office for Zoom calls

It’s no secret that we’re all spending more time than ever communicating virtually via video calls. Whether it’s for business or socialising, we’ve got used to seeing each other in little boxes on screens! Many of us have a dedicated space in our home for our virtual calls which means that there is a perfect opportunity to make your background more eye-catching. Here, Clare Moreton, photo expert at CEWE, shares her top tips to help you create an inspiring background that will bring your Zoom calls to life.

Create a gallery wall


Creating a ‘wonder wall’ in your home office for your video call background will brighten up your space and add a personal touch at the same time. Whether it’s bold block colour prints, photos of people and things you love or typography prints – wall art is a great way to transform your video background. Plus, it doesn’t need to up a huge amount of time or space.

Often, simplicity is the most effective way to create an impressive gallery wall. Experimenting with colour is a great place to start and the spring season is perfect for that. Colours that best emulate the beauty of spring can include blush pinks, pastel yellows, vibrant oranges and luscious greenery. Once you have your chosen palette, it’s time to select the type of wall art that will work best for your workspace. Choose from canvas, aluminium, framed or acrylic prints – whatever suits your style! Adding a considered gallery wall to your video call background will instantly brighten up your walls and refresh your space.

Showcase your favourite photos

Create a Travel Focused Gallery Wall

Another simple idea to bring your video call background to life is to make the most of your photos. Whether it’s holiday memories with family, fun weekend trips with friends or special occasions with your loved ones, displaying photos on your Zoom background is a sentimental way to add a unique touch.

Not only will filling your space with treasured memories make the space feel that little bit more ‘you’, it will also bring a smile to your face each time you see photos of your loved ones. Working from home can feel a bit gloomy sometimes – so it’s the perfect way to brighten your day and remind yourself of happy memories whilst you work!

Be bold and experimental

gallery wall with text, photographs and frames

The best part about enhancing your video call background is that it gives you the chance to be creative and experiment with different designs. Fresh colour palettes, floral patterns and typography prints are a stylish combination, so experiment with your favourite designs, quotes and colours until you get it just right!

If typography is your thing, you could choose an inspirational quote, song lyric or phrase that resonates with you and have it printed in a stylish frame or onto a canvas print. Or why not embrace the design trend of geometric prints? This type of wall art is really eye-catching and completely different to a normal photograph or print – perfect if you’re looking to create a video call background with a modern, slightly quirky flare.

Make the most of your furniture

unframed canvas print in an aesthetic dining and living room

Making the most of the space that surrounds us in our home offices is the perfect place to start to add a personal and creative touch to your call backgrounds. Use the shelves, units or bookcases that might sit behind you to stack and lean your prints or framed photographs. It’s an arty and simple way to introduce colour and design to your home office set up.

Once you’ve placed your print on your shelf or other pieces of furniture, take it that step further and add additional décor. This could include accessories such as candles to add some warmth, a stack of books, a small vase of flowers or plants to add some greenery. This is a really simple and quick, but effective way to enhance your video call background.

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