Parents in business: Sara of Sara Quayle Safety

Sara Quayle, 42, is mum to Elias, 9 and Lara, 7 as well as running Sara Quayle Safety (Intelevation Ltd Registered). She offers safety and first aid training and consultancy for companies and individuals for work, home and adventure. Read on to discover her business story.

I have been running my businessfor 5 years which I love. I started the company after having Lara as I didn’t want to go back to work full time due to the early mornings and travel it was almost impossible to juggle the day length with childcare (0400 starts and not back until late), but I still wanted to do what I love (height safety) and be a bit more selective over when and where I do this.

I managed to work with some great companies as a freelancer in different industries and kept adding to my skill set. Being a health and safety professional, I could see how safety was improving across the work place but there were still many accidents occurring at home and to add to that the lack of knowledge on what to do in a situation where someone needs first aid was quite apparent. Many of my friends “confessed” they would be very unsure what to do if their child got injured in or around the home so therefore, I launched my online infant and child first aid course for parents, grandparent and babysitters (or any member of the family that is looking after your little ones!)

I love running my own business as it gives me freedom to diversify and learn new things constantly but on the other hand running my own business has also made me learn things I would rather not! (accounts, tax, social media!) Although running your own company has no safety net it is such a great experience and I feel the possibilities are endless.

Some of the mistakes I have made are due to not being confident with what I offer and the self-doubt that ensues but having a great network and mentors around me really helps. I have also signed up to things that don’t always pan out as I expect, this is always costly!

Fitting work around family life is a path well-trodden by many!  Working at home is hard but having boundaries helps and knowing that some tasks are going to have to wait (sometimes to the detriment of sleep!) A good routine is always key, sometimes I achieve this, other times I fail!

I am looking forward to the future, I am yet to have an ‘I’ve Made it’ moment but I can feel that it is possible, the feeling is a mix of excitement and nerves which I think is a very normal feeling for business owners. Working with companies for health and safety and families for first aid and peace of mind is such a great mix, there is such a cross over as many of my workplace clients have families and vice-versa.

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