Expert reveals the top tips on keeping your home clean and safe

One of the best ways to gauge public interest? Look at what people are searching for online. Google accounts for more traffic in the UK than any other website and receives thousands of searches and queries every second – so it’s a reliable metric. With that in mind, how have our cleaning interests changed since the pandemic? A recent report published by health and hygiene brand Dettol asks this very question.

The report, which tracks data from Google’s Search Console from March 2020-May 2020, reveals that the following searches jumped precipitously in popularity:

  • How to disinfect laptops (+457%)
  • How to clean a TV screen (+98%)
  • How to clean your phone (+300%)
  • How to deep clean your house (+200%)

Clearly, we all want to make our homes safer. However, as the Dettol report goes on to explain, phrases like “deep cleaning” are largely meaningless, and what’s more, our TVs and phones shouldn’t be our first priority. According to the report, we should think about having our HVAC systems checked regularly by professional contractors from to prevent allergens from spreading all over our indoor areas. Then, not only your HVAC systems should be cleaned, your ducts should also get some love. There are duct cleaning experts you can hire to thoroughly clean your air ducts. You may also want to consider the dedicated services of some trusted technicians like United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric company to provide a thorough inspection of your HVAC systems.

Visit sites like and hire a professional. You can check it out here.

The goal should be to “break chains of infection”

Dr Lisa Ackerley, who consulted with Dettol on the project, argues that our first line of defence should be surfaces like door handles, handrails, the toilet flush and parts of the kitchen we touch often.  

By making a concerted effort to disinfect these with a surface cleaning wipe, we stop germs in their tracks, and break the invisible “chain”.

Another point: wash your hands when you come indoors. Provided you do this, and you take care of the chains we’ve addressed above, objects like your laptop are relatively harmless – assuming you don’t share the equipment with anyone else.

Deep cleaning sounds good, but doesn’t mean all that much

A deep clean might involve washing the floors and cleaning behind sofas and long-forgotten areas of the home. But this involves a lot of work for minimal reward.

If germ-killing is your number one priority, it’s the heavily-touched surfaces of the home you should focus your energy on.

That said, a thorough clean can do us the world of good

That’s not to say that we should only ever focus on heavily-touched surfaces around the home. There’s a time and a place for other areas of the house. For one thing, we clean to impress others, and many of us believe that a tidy home is important for our mental health. As the vaccine rollout intensifies and the lockdown restrictions ease, more and more of us will be inviting people into our homes again. In these moments, it makes all the sense in the world to get stuck into a more rigorous spring clean.  If you want to ensure the cleansing of your home, you can actually hire professionals to do all the heavy lifting. Just don’t forget to take note of every inch of information such as the cleaning service in texas cost.

A few final tips to keep in mind

  • Change the hand towel in the bathroom every day.
  • Keep chicken on the bottom shelf to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Keep the lid of the toilet down when you flush; this, in order to prevent bacteria rising up as the flush gets to work.
  • Take your shoes off when you come inside and leave them at the door
  • Again: wipe down handles, kitchen surfaces and unassuming hotspots in your bathroom
  • Wash your hands regularly

If it isn’t already abundantly clear, germs in the home are a risk to us if we’re transferring them from our hands to our face. We need to get them on our hands first, so provided you’re sticking to a good hygiene routine, and you’re adhering to the tips we’ve outlined, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

For more, take a look at the Dettol report in full, which is packed with interesting statistics.

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