Should you choose glazed or unglazed internal doors?

Home improvements have been a focus for many of during recent times thanks to the abundance of time spent in the home and the lack of other distractions. Focuses tend to surround colour schemes, perhaps new furniture and improving external spaces so that when the weather permits, there is a nice environment in which to enjoy it. However, big impacts can be made within the home in ways you might not have previously considered and they don’t need to break the bank either! One of these is the internal doors.

Often overlooked as an innocuous feature of the home, changing the doors can have a much greater effect than you might realise. The existing ones might blend into the surroundings but why not make them more of a feature? There are so many different styles, materials and wood available that you really can have them stand out. One style in particular that will do this is premium internal oak doors. Oak has been used in homes for many years thanks to its strength, durability and sheer beauty which is while it is still in use today and is the perfect material for doors. 

But did you know that the majority of internal doors can come in two key formats – either glazed or unglazed? So which one should you choose for your home?

Glazed doors

One of the most significant benefits of glazed doors is that the glass panes allow light to flood through especially throughout the summer. This can serve to brighten even the darkest of homes as the light can flow through windows, rooms, out into hallways and further beyond. If you struggle with natural light in your house or you would just like to maximise it, this can be an extremely cost efficient and quick way of doing so. 

Whilst glass is of course largely transparent, there are ways to maintain the privacy of those who are in the room behind the door, with smoked or patterned options available. Glazed doors can also be fire safe if you would prefer this for yours. Installing glazed doors can provide an instantly more contemporary look if it is that which you are after; glass can be used in extremely modern ways. However, if you have a more traditional-looking property, you will also find that period styles can be glazed too.

Unglazed doors

The absence of glazed panels will allow the beauty of the wood to remain uncompromised and can create a whole different look for your doors. Furthermore, a solid structure might give the illusion that the door is more sturdy. Of course, privacy can mostly be maintained with glazed doors but it is absolutely guaranteed with solid doors. Unglazed doors can allow a little more flexibility in terms of pattern or design too, if the idea is to have something more dramatic within the main body of the door. Cleaning them might be a little easier too!

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