Family business: Angus Drummond of Limitless Travel

Limitless Travel organises holidays and tours for people with disabilities and the elderly. Limitless Travel’s holidays and experiences designed for anybody and everybody make the world accessible to all, revolutionising travel for people with disabilities by reducing the worry and stress they face when booking a holiday and ensuring all their access needs are met. Run by an expert team and using fully researched and vetted, wheelchair-accessible and disabled-friendly transport and hotels along with professional, friendly carers and specialist equipment, Limitless Travel’s holidays are tailored to cater to individual’s needs.

Limitless Travel was founded by Angus Drummond, age 32. Angus who is married to Lucy, father to Alfie, 3, with a second baby due this month, was diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (a rare genetic disorder) at the age of 22. He was told his mobility would decline over the next few years until one day he would require a wheelchair. At the time, Angus was devastated, and knew his life would never be the same.

Determined to experience the best of what the world had to offer, Angus quit his job in finance, dusted off his Glastonbury backpack, and set off with his wife to explore 35 new countries. They canoed through Vietnam, climbed to the top of Machu Picchu, sailed the backwaters of Kerala, and partied in Rio. As their journey progressed Angus’s mobility declined, and he noticed just how rarely the travel industry considered disabled tourists. Given the incredible experiences the world had given to him, the new cultures he had experienced, the new foods and lifelong friendships, Angus realised that travel should not be exclusive to the able-bodied. 

He saw that for many living with disabilities, or for those caring for others, they never imagined they could go on holiday, let alone having a choice of destinations and tours to choose from. The sheer number of hurdles they’d need to overcome often made it feel like an impossibility. For Angus, holidays aren’t about sitting there watching the sea, thinking ‘what if’. For him, it’s about pulling off those shoes and socks and enjoying the icy bite of the ocean on your toes. It’s about feeling the joy. Because life isn’t just about living, it’s about feeling alive. 

Angus wanted to do something about the challenges he, and other disabled people face, so made it his mission to make travel limitless for all disabled people. He wanted to use his experiences and actions to inspire people with disabilities to explore the world without limits. 

On returning to the UK in 2015, Angus founded Limitless Travel, with the goal of empowering people with mobility restrictions and disabilities to have incredible, unforgettable experiences just like his. He built a passionate team of people with disabilities, as well as people who have specialist knowledge about disabilities and the care industry, so that their customers would not only be listened to but understood first hand. 

Angus says: “To be Limitless is a mindset, it means to push yourself to experience things you didn’t think it possible to achieve. I want to support anyone with a disability to see, achieve and experience the wonders that the world has to offer. From North Wales to the other side of the globe, I want everyone to be able to pursue their aspirations through travel. Personally, I’m always delighted to be able to give confidence and belief to people that they can actually travel after years of being told or believing they couldn’t.”

Limitless Travel’s passionate team of people with disabilities, as well as people who have specialist knowledge about disabilities and the care industry, means that their customers are not only listened to but also understood first hand. Limitless Travel also uses fully researched and vetted, wheelchair-accessible and disabled-friendly transport and hotels along with professional, friendly carers and specialist equipment to provide holidays tailored for individual’s needs. 

Today, Limitless Travel is one of the UK’s leading specialist holiday providers, taking its customers all over the world. From safaris in Africa, beach holidays in Spain, cafe tours in Amsterdam, and tea shops in Dorset, Limitless is unlocking experiences and memories for an ever-growing customer base. And just as no disability is the same, every person’s taste in holiday is unique, which is why the team dedicates themselves to ensuring every holiday is personalised and every traveller has their needs cared for. 

The business originally started as an online blog/magazine, developing into an online travel guide and listings site, then into an online review site – “The Trip Advisor of Disabled People”. A year after launch the business pivoted to become a travel company and launched group tours for people with disabilities whereby all holidays are accessible and include specialist care. As a start-up entrepreneur, it’s very important that you should never be afraid to change direction; we’ve had to pivot and adapt to keep going.

Our objective is to grow >2x per year. We do this by proactively marketing our services via a multitude of channels and focussing on maximising our conversion rate for any leads generated. We are always developing new products, and services, to attract new customers and keep our existing customer base engaged. We have also invested heavily in technology to automate our booking processes and manage our customers efficiently. For 2022, we’re looking to hit £4 million sales – this would be a 4x growth on 2019 (last full year of trading pre-COVID).

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