Parents in business: Lucy of The Vendeur

Lucy Kebbell, 33, lives with her partner of 16 years and their toddler who is about to be two years old. She runs a sustainable style platform called The Vendeur, and says, “We seek to make living sustainably and being a more conscious consumer fun and exciting, as well as accessible. We don’t believe sustainable living is for the privileged few.”

Lucy is about to launch a B2B digital membership platform to support the amazing sustainable and ethical brands she works with on The Vendeur.  She says, “We will provide community and learning resources tailored to these brand’s values.”

Before starting the Vendeur, Lucy worked in luxury fashion editorial, firstly assisting stylists, before working on the fashion team for some glossy magazines, then as a freelance fashion stylist. She says, “After watching the ‘True Cost’ I decided I needed to use my experience to further educate people about sustainable fashion and conscious consumption.”

Lucy enjoys the flexibility of running her own business. She says, “I love that I can keep my own hours which is handy when you have a toddler. I love the community I feel with other entrepreneurs, I am always so excited by what we are all creating together.” The finances are her least favourite part. She says, “I have always lacked confidence when it comes to knowing what to charge for my time and work. I also hate doing my tax returns. Luckily, I have an accountant friend who takes pity on me and helps me out.”

Commenting on how she fits work and family together, Lucy says, “It’s a constant juggling act! We are currently trialing a childminder so that I can have more time to work, and my son can spend time with new friends. Being a lockdown baby, I was worried he wasn’t getting the opportunity to form new relationships. I also have a very supportive partner who is happy to step in if I have a last-minute meeting or deadline.”

Like many business owners, running a business can be a challenge. Lucy says, “I constantly have wobbly moments where I want to leave it all and be a full time Mum or become a barista (they always seem so happy!), however after a few minutes of thought, I realise that I would get bored quickly. For the first time in my career, I feel genuinely fulfilled and challenged but without feeling stressed and out of control. So, I’m happy where I am for now.”

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