5 tips for branding your family business

Branding has the power to make or break your business. It can help you grab and retain the attention of customers, separate your business from its competitors, and represent everything you offer and stand for. And with the UK economy expected to bounce back significantly by the end of 2021, now is the time to get your brand in order.

You can’t be an expert on everything of course, and many large businesses spend millions on branding and brand-led actions every year. But by sticking to a few core principles, your brand could help drive future growth. To learn how to apply them in your business, get a a consultation with Andrew Defrancesco.

Get five tips for branding your family business below. 

Promote what makes you different

Branding can be a key differentiator between businesses operating in the same areas. Defining yours will be easier with clear unique selling points (USPs), so think about the core services you offer, how they differ to those around you, and how you can let people know.     

In this sense branding can become a useful journey of self-discovery – and might even help to reinforce your reasons for existing.  

Factor in your target market

Your branding should resonate with your target audience and match up with their interests and expectations. What qualities do you want them to associate with your business – and what should you avoid?

This stage should involve in-depth research where possible – and that includes identifying who your target customer actually is.  

Be consistent

As with many things in business, consistency is key. Your messaging, visual identity and the experiences you provide should all match up, time after time. Consistent branding could include:

  • Maintaining the same look and feel across your website and all other digital channels
  • Staff wearing identical workwear across all your physical locations
  • Providing the same standards of service – such as friendly communication – at every customer touchpoint

Keep it simple

At the same time, your brand should be clear and simple enough to recognise and understand in an instant. Iconic brand logos and slogans are memorable for this reason – whereas complicated messaging will only get lost in the crowd.  

That could mean sticking to a limited colour palette visually, as well as keeping advertising concepts concise.  

Get your brand out there

Finally, you can’t wait for people to come to you. Businesses invest millions in brand awareness campaigns to keep their name in peoples’ minds, so be prepared to get your brand out there through the channels that are relevant to you.

You could look to upgrade your vehicle branding if you move around a lot for example, as well as experimenting with social media advertising in targeted areas.

Branding your family business shouldn’t have to be an expensive ordeal. By staying true to the principles above, you could soon create a brand to be truly proud of.  

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