Do you live in one of the luckiest places in the UK?

A new study by CIA Landlords reveals the places across the UK where you are most likely to win the lottery.  Research found that those living in Birmingham have the highest chance of winning in UK lotteries. Residents of this Midlands city have seen several luckily strikes: 769 Postcode Lottery Wins, as well as 6662 wins in the National Lottery.  With the average price of a house in Birmingham being under the average UK price at £219,504, lottery wins VS cost of living is also the best in the UK.

The population of Nottingham have seen 6662 wins in the National Lottery, as well as 544 wins in the Postcode Lottery. Combined with cost of living in Nottingham, the city is 2nd ranking in terms of lottery wins Vs cost of living.

Not far off taking home third place is Manchester. Residents have won the Postcode Lottery 564 times over the years and saw an additional 5758 National Lottery wins. With a final score of 8.1 out of 10.

RankPostcodeRegionNumber of Postcode WinsNumber of National Lottery WinsCost of Living (£)Average House Price (£)Overall Score
1B (Birmingham)Midlands7696662£2,228.81£219,50410
2NG (Nottingham)Midlands5446662£2,336.45£229,3558.7
3M (Manchester)Northwest5645758£2,385.28£219,6108.1
4LE (Leicester)Midlands3956662£2,076.53£255,5837.8
5CV (Coventry)Midlands3806662£2,214.38£228,9767.7
6ST (Stoke-on-Trent)Midlands3446662£1,071.67£168,5557.5
7PO (Portsmouth)Southeast4096171£2,290.31£257,4367.5
8BN (Brighton)Southeast3846171£2,651.09£438,2387.4
9DE (Derby)Midlands2966662£2,265.49£220,8357.2
10S (Sheffield)Yorkshire6084281£2,174.75£216,0347.2

Belfast Is the UK’s Most Unlucky Postcode

“BT” is officially the unluckiest postcode in the UK. Residents of the city of Belfast are least likely to win in lotteries according to our study. The postcode has never seen a win in the Postcode Lottery and just 921 wins in the National Lottery. House prices in Belfast are the highest of the bottom 10 unlucky cities at an average of £351,043. 

Zetland (ZE) in the North East has only seen 9 Postcode Lottery wins over the years and 2371 National Lottery winners.

The third-unluckiest postcode is revealed to be Llrindod Wells (LD), with only 26 Postcode Lottery winners ever and even less National Lottery wins than Zetland with 2365 so far.

RankPostcodeRegionNumber of Postcode WinsNumber of National Lottery WinsCost of Living (£)Average House Price (£)
1BT (Belfast)Northern Ireland0921£2,112.86£351,043
2ZE (Zetland)North East92371£1,603.54£177,786
3LD (Llrindod Wells)Wales262365£2,239.58£221,760
4SR (Sunderland)North East1322371£2,166.21£155,911
5DH (Durham)North East1482371£1,603.54£168,715
6DL (Darlington)North East2352371£1,603.54£170,783
7HS (Outer Hebrides)Scotland273945£2,261.01£179,265
8KW (Kirkwall)Scotland313945£2,261.01£157,254
9NP (Newport)Wales2672365£2,213.20£199,572
10TD (Galashiels (Tweeddale)Scotland813945£2,261.01£157,730
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