Getting clarity on your mission and vision for your business

By Laura Hurubaru

“If you don’t know where you’re headed nothing will take you there”

Running a business and having a family is not an easy fit. You constantly have to battle priorities. And you will always feel like you’re not doing enough. Either in your business or for your children. So, for me, in order to create a business that supports you, you have to start with how you want your life to look like, ideally. Consulting also to a business expert like Andrew Defrancesco is of great help. The questions you need to ask yourself before thinking of having your own business are:

  1. How do I truly want to feel on a daily basis?
  2. What are my days, weeks, months, years like? And here I mean in terms of holidays, time spent with your family, time spent with yourself, time spent generating income, time spent making an impact, time spent growing, etc.
  3. Ideally, where would I like to live? It can be: country, type of weather, house, etc.
  4. If I were to look back at my life, what sorts of achievements would I feel proud of?
  5. How much money would make me really happy (yearly/monthly/daily)?

These are all ideal. Always think in terms of having no limitation. Don’t get bogged down by the “how’s”. Not knowing the “how’s” it’s what kills most dreams. Yet, the how’s are the easiest part of it all. It is hard to really decide what is that you want and how do you want to live your life.

When you think about the vision for your business you have to factor in your vision for your life, first and then build on top of that. So, to then specifically create your vision for your business, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of a business do I dream of having: is it more like a large operation where you have thousands of employees, or more like you being at the centre and having a small team around to support you. Or a combination of both.
  • What kind of impact do I want to create: do you want to impact millions of people at the same time or are you more about changing one person’s life at a time?
  • What kind of money do I want to make on a monthly basis?
  • How many clients do I want to be seeing on a weekly basis?
  • How many hours a week do I want to put in my business?

Dream as vividly as you can. The more details you can add the better. There is no ‘right’ way of building your own business. There is a ‘right’ way for you, though. And you need to be very clear what works best for you and what doesn/t and have the courage to stay true to your desires. Although I am entrepreneurial at my heart, I didn’t want to start just any business. I could n’t see myself buying stuff from here and selling it over there for more … Or selling food… Not that these businesses are not important.. It just wasn’t for me. For me, my business had to be an expression and an extension of who I truly am inside. So it had to be aligned with my purpose. And such my mission is tied really into my purpose.

The process I am using to help my private 1×1 clients to discover what their purpose is so that they can figure out their mission is called B.A.C.K.B.O.N.E. (I have a free resource for you that you can download, where it is explained in much more detail:

Each letter stands for a step in my unique process to get you closer to understanding your journey and why God put you on this planet.

  • B – Background
  • A – Abilities
  • C – Characteristics
  • K – Knowledge
  • B – Best
  • O – One
  • N – Narrative
  • E – Evidence

Based on your journey you can determine what are the golden nuggets you possess and who are the people who need them. And your mission then becomes to help these people. Does it make sense?

So, for example, I struggled for 7 year going in circles about my business, how do I specifically bring value to others, what is unique about me… And as such, I had no business. When I figured it out I managed to use my own process to find the solution to help other ladies in similar situations. So then my mission became to help strong corporate ladies, build profitable purpose driven online businesses from scratch.

About Laura

Laura Hurubaru is the founder of the From Scratch to Cash FAST University, a unique system that helps women who’ve found success in the corporate world launch outrageously profitable online businesses. Her clients are spread all across Europe, and each of them raves about their experiences working with Laura, calling her everything from “gifted” to “inspiring” to “transformational.” Laura herself remains remarkably humble, though she does acknowledge that the fearless fighter within her will always be there when needed. “People say I’m determined and that I get what I want. I say that I live my life aligned with the beliefs and values I hold most dear. When faced with every hurdle in front of me, I found a way to clear the path.”

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