5 Incremental Steps to Creating a Life On Your Terms

… So That Taking The Leap Feels Like the Natural Next Step!

Lou Hynes is a Corporate Escape Mentor and qualified coach, empowering professional career Mums to create a clear plan to leave their 9 to 5 life behind them so they can live life on their terms. Having experienced a toxic work environment that stole her confidence and left her feeling unfulfilled, Lou knew she had the skills and experience to start an entrepreneurial journey of her own but had no idea where to start. She now coaches successful career women to unlock their own zones of genius and confidence so they can pursue their own passions instead of working to build someone else’s dream. Lou writes,

Thinking of making the leap from the safety and security of paid employment can feel daunting and overwhelming. This is especially so if you’ve forgotten your own abilities and lost your confidence from years of the corporate conditioning that is instilled into us.

Here, Lou shares 5 of the smaller steps she took while still in corporate employment that then allowed her to take the ‘leap’ into setting up her own business.

  • I started reading personal development books. I was absorbing so much around personal growth that my mindset was shifting towards a more ‘can do’, positive attitude. Page by page they inspired me to shift my thinking that perhaps it was actually possible to leave my career behind and do something of my own. I’ve even set up a book club and coaching experience for professional women who want to incorporate reading as part of their own growth journey, so integral was this to my own eventual leap!
  • I started attending networking events. While the imposter syndrome was strong, surrounding myself by women who had set up a business or were establishing their side hustle was hugely inspiring.  It led me to believe that if these women could do it then so could I, after all, they’d been in similar positions to me not that long ago and were now living out their own dreams. Hearing them speak with passion about their businesses was something I wanted to emulate, even though I had no idea what my business idea was at the time.
  • I had unofficial mentorship from a network marketing business I’d dipped my toe in. The mindset coaching and inspirational weekly training really helped elevate my thinking, my ambitions and unlocked the ability to dream big. Again, being surrounded by people who had already taken the leap and created lives of abundance, freedom and flexibility was hugely influential.
  • Visualizing, dreaming, imagining… call it what you like, but picturing myself handing in my notice, walking out of the office on my last day, giving my laptop back kept me going more than I realised! Whether or not you have a clear plan for your next steps, keeping a strong vision in mind was vital to shift my mindset from stuck in the corporate world to future escapee!
  • Finally, I began to let go a lot of the hard feelings and resentment I’d previously felt towards my corporate life. Realising that a negative attitude or feeling like a victim of the system wasn’t serving me was a hugely positive step in the right direction. It allowed me to feel more fulfilled and grateful for the day to day. When you’re feeling in a good place, clarity is a natural next step and you feel more inclined to begin taking aligned action towards your dream life, rather than moaning that you aren’t living it.

When I was then ready to hand in my notice, having been reading, networking, surrounding myself with others who were already achieving their dreams, visualising and doing the all important personal growth work, it felt like the next natural step instead of something to fear. It was exciting, a new challenge and a positive experience to start the next chapter of my life, something I wouldn’t have considered without the things I’d been doing behind the scenes.






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