5 tips on How to Motivate Yourself for Change in 2022

Claire Antill, 41 from Bognor Regis is a marketing consultant and specialist in Facebook and Instagram ads who has stepped into the entrepreneurial space after 15 years in the energy and sustainability sector, most recently leading big brand marketing teams. After many years of not feeling good enough at work or at home, juggling being a mum and a high flying career,  it was only when she hit breaking point that she had the strength to walk away from her job and really tap into her creativity.

Claire has recently united with 21 other female entrepreneurs to share their story of making life changes, in a bid to inspire others who feel stuck to find the courage to take action as part of a charity book created to help more of us identify with the things that are holding us back, so that we can change things, if we want life to look different in 2022.

Brought together by Voice, Mindset and Business Coach,  Andrea Callanan, who has supported Claire and each and every woman featured to make changes in their lives, Step Aside and Rise is a collective mission to create a ripple effect amongst women who are made for more.

Within the book Claire, shares how she had become focused on being validated by her work, which often saw her put a mask on to be whoever she felt she needed to be in that particular role or situation. She shares how high profile roles left her feeling worthy of achieving something, yet empty at the same time. She explores how becoming a mum made her change her priorities and wake up to the fact that the life she had created wasn’t one that would suit her future.  She also shares her struggles and self- doubt as she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey.

Claire said: “I never used to think of myself as artistic and creative. Probably because these are not skills that we are encouraged to develop at work. I focused on ‘doing’ and was the person who got things done, did the planning and the strategy, the ‘important bits’.

“Digital is all about changing and adapting, it continuously evolves. The old rules of academic learning do not apply. You learn by doing, trying things out, testing and then always improving. It was a huge thing for me to be out of my comfort zone and not know all the answers, but instead discovering that you learn through experience. This is empowering, because it puts you in the driving seat: you can learn and grow at a pace that suits you and there is no limit to your potential. With this new lightbulb moment on learning, all my past experience has come together in what I do now: the fact that I can use my words, my love of books and language, my planning skills, attention to detail and analysing facts, branding, marketing and strategy. I have worked with all different kinds of people and with businesses, large and small. Looking back on my journey to get here, it all makes sense – and I now know my self-worth.

“I am passionate about sharing my story and experience, because I believe in the power of connection and in coming to together to inspire each other. If people who may be feeling trapped right now can see how I made the change, I hope it will help them see a way out too.

“I now works predominantly with e-commerce businesses, especially those who have sustainability at heart, to help them create, grow and thrive, all built around the life that they want. I find it incredibly rewarding to see other people become empowered through growing their businesses – which in turn sees them be able to spend more time with their families too!

“It wasn’t a smooth path and I needed support to get to this point, but I am now so content with my life that I can’t quite believe what I have created. I would love more people to feel like this vs their Monday morning dread.”

Here are Claire’s top tips on How to Motivate Yourself for Change in 2022:

1. Reflect on your own journey and ask yourself honestly are you really enjoying where it has taken you? Do you have the Monday morning dread? Do you wear a mask? Are you busy doing?

2. Remember you CAN have a family life and a business life that fulfils you  – we don’t have to choose! Balance is an outdated term. Instead, look at how you can find work which brings you purpose and an appreciation of the life you have. How can you connect with others who are like you? I love that I now have space to create and work with people who I feel aligned with.  I now also have time for me too.

3. You are you! Think about why you are so special and unique. If you are clear and confident in your own worth and value, nothing can shake that. It will be your rock.

4. Find a purpose that combines doing what you love and that brings reward and share it with others who are waiting for you to help them.

5. Don’t feel like you have to do it all alone. I have had several mentors and they have all helped me move forward much more quickly than going it alone, I have also made lots of connections online and joined many communities and groups – this has been so empowering and helps keep you accountable to your dreams, plans and goals.

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