Parents in business: Anshu and Renee of DabbaDrop

DabbaDrop is a subscription-based food service, delivering freshly-made plant based set meals in London. Our food is based on authentic recipes from India and South Asia. Dishes are vibrant and colourful from the fresh produce, herbs and spice blends we use. DabbaDrop’s set menu changes weekly making it even easier for busy families. There’s also options to add dal and samosas for kids that have been adapted specially for young palates. 

Deliveries are plastic-free, packaged in reusable dabbas (metal tiffin tins) and are completely emission-free, making us one of the most sustainable food delivery services out there. The subscription service means there’s almost no food waste as we know exactly how much food to cook each week.

Neighbours first, then good friends, we were brought together by our kids, a shared appreciation for music, nature and of course, food. The friendship was a good basis to start a business together, as well as our complimentary skills to create something we’re both very proud of. Renee has valuable experience from her background in the restaurant industry and as an event producer. Anshu worked in TV production and had already experimented with some food concepts. Two years on, we share just about everything as mums and neighbours. From childcare and mealtimes to running DabbaDrop, our lives are busy, fulfilled and fun! That’s not to say we agree on everything, but we try to remember that challenging opinions are good for business growth.

As two mothers, we set up DabbaDrop to work around our families. One of the reasons for setting up on our own was so we could manage our own schedules and not miss pick-ups, drop offs and other school activities. While on the whole, this works for us, we’re still always juggling, working after the children have gone to bed and on weekends to ensure everything gets done. But having a co-pilot means the other can always step in if the other has a poorly child or no childcare so the business is not affected too much.

We take it in turns to watch the kids so the other can work. Sometimes we have to bring the kids into the office and give them some screen time while we catch up with the team but we’ll always balance that out with some run around time in the park after. 

At the moment, DabbaDrop delivers to parts of North, East and South East London and we’re gradually expanding to include more postcodes all the time. Eventually we’d love to see Dabbadrop in other major cities across the UK. 

DabbaDrop’s online shop launched in November with our first product range of pickles and chutneys including our famous spicy Ginger Jam. We’re really excited as this means people outside of our usual London delivery radius can now sample a little taster of what we offer. The online shop will expand to offer more products to help aid a plastic-free lifestyle. Watch this space!

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