Dealing with Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis as a Parent

The most intuitive thing for any parent is to want their child to have the best chances in life. You want your child to thrive and lead a good quality of life. Anything that threatens the ability of your child to live a fulfilling life can be devastating. It is even more overwhelming when your little one is battling a cerebral palsy diagnosis. That is because it is something that you and your baby will have to deal with for the long haul. Your emotions may get the best of you when you are unsure how to deal with and support your baby in the best way possible. Here are a few pointers to help you in your journey:

Allow your child to be themselves

Granted, your child may not reach some milestones as their peers. However, that should be no reason to pressure them. Allow them to exist as unique beings with independent lives. Try to resist the urge to compare them with their siblings and other children of the same age. Also, do not bar them from participating in fun activities and playing with others kids just because they have a medical condition.

Enlighten other family members about cerebral palsy

Do not keep the diagnosis to yourself. It is easier for the rest of the family to understand how to take care of the child when they know about the condition. Educate the other siblings on cerebral palsy to understand the little one better. Research ways to break down the information in bite-sized chunks if your other kids are young. Try to encourage them to ask questions to comprehend the situation better.

Prioritize their medical care

Your child will have to go on numerous hospital visits to receive the best possible care. Stay on top of the hospital care. Be sure to visit all the specialists and therapists that your paediatrician recommends. Do your due diligence in research to learn more about your baby’s health. You feel like part of your child’s health the more you know. You can then make informed decisions. Your doctors will see you as part of the team and will value your opinion on the choice of treatment or therapy.

Be your child’s number one cheerleader

Your child needs constant support and motivation as they go through life with Cerebral palsy. Make it your job to be their advocate. Ensure that they get the best care and support everywhere they go. Make it a priority to provide them with the things they deserve to lead a comfortable life.

Seek medical intervention from a reputable doctor

Your child is more likely to develop better when they get medical intervention soon enough. Give your child the best chance by finding the best physical, speech, and occupation therapy within your capacity. An experienced doctor will reassure you and ease your concerns while helping your child navigate life.

Seek legal help

It is tougher to deal with when you know that your baby’s condition resulted from an avoidable incident. If your child suffered cerebral palsy due to a doctor’s or hospital’s neglect, look for a birth injury lawyer to help you file a claim to seek compensation. Nothing could ever compensate for your emotional troubles or bring back your child’s perfect health. However, getting a lawyer that will negotiate for a suitable compensation to cater to the medical costs and provide your child with a better quality of life.

Never be afraid to ask for help

Taking care of a child with cerebral palsy is demanding. Other aspects of your life may need to take a seat as you care for your child. That can take a toll on your mental health. Take care of yourself and never be shy to ask for help. It is okay if there are days that you cannot do it on your own. Accept assistance from your support system to ease off the stress. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup. You need to take care of yourself to have the capacity to take care of your baby. It seems noble to put your baby above your needs, but that could be to your detriment. Make time every day for yourself. Do the things you love, like going on walks, meditation, workouts or watching a show. It will help restore your sanity after spending most of your time prioritizing your baby’s care.

Wrapping up

Dealing with cerebral palsy is no easy feat for any parent. Don’t despair, though. You can use the tips like those above can help make the burden more bearable.

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