Vicki Renz creates Ask Me Anything lifeline for you if you are struggling to find pregnancy and fertility answers

7 out of 10 women who contact Vicki at Oh My Mama Body are experiencing fertility problems. With the ongoing impact of lockdowns and a busy healthcare system, Vicki has seen 1000s of women contacting her on YouTube with fertility worries.

Women with fertility struggles, ovarian cysts and early pregnancy worries have been overwhelmed with the stress of facing postponed appointments due to current pressures on the health system. Each month that passes places enormous anxiety on those who are battling with fertility problems; another month passed is another month lost.

85% of women surveyed in Vicki’s Oh My Mama Body groups feel that they are not getting answers from their doctor fast enough and/or have been turned away. Further research reveals that 30% of infertility cases may be due to high stress levels. Those with higher levels of stress have lower chances of conceiving.

1 in 6 couples in the UK face difficulties conceiving. A specific fertility question may take more than a year to be answered. In the case of miscarriage, most countries require a women to prove she had 3 miscarriages before any fertility checks are carried out. Women looking for answers are stuck in a vicious circle of stress with having nowhere to turn to for specific answers, long periods of waiting and ever increasing stress levels. Vicki’s Q&A provides a direct lifeline as someone who understands their fertility issues and can offer support based on personal experience

The internet is a place to ask questions about intimate bodily changes and Vicki’s YouTube Channel and website provide answers and support. Yet Vicki realised that her content still doesn’t get to the heart of specific circumstances. When asked about her Q&A, Vicki said, “Even though we have more control, flexibility, and access to free videos on these kinds of topics than ever before, they’re still too generic for us to use in a practical sense for our unique situation”.

She continued, “I am so passionate about helping others that I am offering more of a personal connection that is impossible to get from a large content platform”.

Before giving birth to two healthy boys, Vicki experienced five miscarriages and knows how distressing it is to struggle with fertility; not knowing if you can have a full-term pregnancy, waiting for months for results of tests, traumatic situations due to less experienced doctors and staff, feeling the pressure of time ticking away between waits for appointments…

Vicki spent hundreds of hours studying healing techniques to help her own fertility journey. Now she uses the same techniques to support and guide women through their fertility struggles. Upon speaking with Vicki, women say that they feel more calm and clear.

  • She has created free downloadable guides and courses
  • She guides women in one-to-one transformative Womb Healing sessions to remove underlying stress which could be blocking fertility
  • Furthermore, Vicki invites women to join her Mama Meets and Midwife Group on Facebook. The group is packed with free resources supporting women on their journeys to motherhood.

Vicki’s “Oh My Mama Body” YouTube channel is growing fast, heading towards 40,000 subscribers and has over 3.5 million views already. In response to the hundreds of comments Vicki receives, she has started creating videos to answer common questions. Vicki aims to have a reliable source of information covering the ups and downs of fertility and early pregnancy to really help women understand their bodies.

The comprehensive Oh My Mama Body platform includes:

  • an easy to navigate website with content covering explanations for pregnancy & postpartum symptoms, advice and tips. Saving women time with concise written explanations and short explanatory videos.
  • Mama Meets and Midwife – a Facebook group with free weekly support from qualified midwives, expert speakers and networking for mums.
  • Oh My Mama Body YouTube Channel with explanatory videos and meditations.
  • Healing After Miscarriage. In depth coverage of miscarriage from types of miscarriage through to surviving miscarriage. Vicki Renz, a multiple miscarriage survivor, coaches women to heal through their grief and confidently shine again following miscarriage.
  • Online healing courses and one to one coaching sessions

Oh My Mama Body places a huge amount of value on saving time for the modern busy mother.  By making her advice and tips available across Social Media platforms, Oh My Mama Body is readily available for women on the go.

You can find details about Vicki’s website, webinars and programs below.

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