3 Ways To Improve Safety And Wellbeing In The Workplace

Safety in the workplace is paramount. That is why every British business should have some form of health and safety legislation in place. While you can operate perfectly fine by meeting this set of criteria, there are always extra steps that you can take to ensure that your employees continue to thrive in a safe environment.

Workplace safety and wellbeing are two topics that have received some much-needed evaluation in recent years, which means that there is more information to stay on top of. As such, this article will look at a few ways you can improve safety and employee wellbeing in your business.

Train Your HR Team

Your human resources department should always be up to date with anything that relates to staff wellbeing, and that includes health and safety procedures. Therefore, you should always make sure that your HR team is participating in all the relevant health and safety courses to give your staff the best response to any wellbeing issues they are experiencing.

In fact, companies like iHASCO include training for HR teams in their health and safety courses. That should demonstrate the importance of your HR team when it comes to health and safety. Make sure that these individuals are kept up to speed.

Encourage Good Progress

Employee wellbeing refers to the state of their mental health while in the workplace. Most businesses will look after their employees when they are sick; however, it can be just as important to boost their self-esteem during a regular workday.

One way to put a spring in someone’s step is to give them encouraging words, especially if you would like them to repeat this behaviour in the future. Taking the time to acknowledge an employee’s hard work will always have a positive effect. It will give the staff member a self-esteem boost, making it more likely that they will work harder for you moving forward. Always look to give your employees praise when they deserve it, and you will start to notice an improvement in company progress.


Sometimes, employees can get themselves into trouble by not understanding the rules of the workplace. For example, those who work using a computer monitor are supposed to take a twenty-second eye break every twenty minutes. Some employees may neglect this exercise for fear of losing progress; however, it can prevent them from developing eye strain later. Also, a good walk around the office can prevent muscles from cramping.

Therefore, you should always be transparent about what you expect from those who work for you. It doesn’t take much, and letting people administer their own health and safety exercises will go a long way to building trust between you and your employees. Try and make yourself appear approachable and your staff will feel more comfortable discussing their needs with you, preventing any unnecessary health issues that may come down the road.


As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to improve the wellbeing or safety conditions of your employees. Take these additional steps and you should notice an improvement in workplace morale moving forward.

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