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[ 10 Feb 2019 | No Comment ]

The proliferation of digital devices means that we’re constantly connected to the office wherever we might be, making it difficult to switch off from work, even when we should. In fact, a study by Glassdoor has shown the average number of UK employees taking their full annual leave is 62% with only 43% made use of 91-100% of their holiday entitlement. What’s more 13% reported only taking 20% of their allowance.
Whether it’s a two-week holiday or a twenty-minute respite at lunch, John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices explains why …

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[ 8 Feb 2019 | One Comment ]

It was once the case that the majority of businesses would change their office — either by relocating or refurbishing — every 10 years or so. But according to office interior design specialists Diamond Interiors, that’s no longer the norm. “Businesses are constantly getting better at creating adaptable work environments, so they don’t fall behind,” says Nick Pollitt, Managing Director at Diamond Interiors. “That means businesses that don’t keep up risk losing their best employees and clients to companies that prioritise creating an environment that meets their team’s current needs.”
With …

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[ 6 Feb 2019 | No Comment ]

It’s easy to forget about insurance. After all, what visible benefit do you see while money comes out of your bank account each month or year? In fact, insurance is just as vital for the self employed small business owner as it is for big business. Just because you work for yourself, it doesn’t mean that your business is too small to be affected by many of the things insurance protects against. So read on to find 5 reasosn to get insurance, even if you are self employed.
Insurance can protect …

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[ 5 Feb 2019 | No Comment ]

Fire is devastating and can tear down a building in minutes. Picking up the pieces of your business after a fire is harder still. Therefore, having a trained fire warden who understands what to do in the case of a fire could be the difference between your company being shut down or surviving.  Your company needs a trained fire warden for many reasons, here is why.
What Is A Fire Warden?
A fire warden is a trained member of staff who in the case of a fire, will carry out a safe …

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[ 2 Feb 2019 | No Comment ]

You and I are busy people. Our lives have many facets, with work, home, family, friends, colleagues, partners and children. And over the years, no doubt, commitments have crept in, almost unnoticed, to the point where, whether you know it or not, there are probably already multiple versions of you.
Think for a moment about how many versions of you there are. There’s the personal you with family and friends, the professional you with colleagues and bosses, the you in a relationship, the you as a parent, as well as just …

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[ 31 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

By Kelvin Summoogum, Founder of miiCare 
Bringing a scientific product to market is undoubtedly a challenging business.  Having the idea is a good start but only the beginning of the story. Let me share what I’ve learned from my experience of the journey from great idea, via hard work to launching a product in the market.
Testing the product idea
Is your idea a breakthrough one? Are there any similar solutions out there? Is it actually possible to create? And, is it truly something people want or need?  Research is needed to find …

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[ 28 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

Whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur responsible for taking care of staff or an employee fitting a career around family commitments, there may be times when you need legal advice on your rights and responsibilities.
And unless you can afford your own personal solicitor on a retainer, you’ll need to carefully choose when you hire a lawyer and when you can take advice from free sources with the requisite reliability.
With that in mind, here are five business and employment law support sources.

Business hubs

Enterprise service Business Gateway is a free-at-source Government sponsored resource …

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[ 23 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

By Daniel Whytock, Down Your High Street
Despite advances in digital technology Amazon is investing in high street brick and mortar stores. This sounds positive for the future of the high street. Consumers want the best of both online and offline shopping which means they are looking for convenience, choice, a varied, interesting range of shops and businesses.
The future is with omni-channel retail that seamlessly integrates digital technology. This is a key ingredient for high street survival.
However, retail tech is moving very quickly so high street retailers need to move fast …

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[ 11 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]
Protecting your data when using hotel WiFi

By Mike Ianiri, Equinox
 When working away from your normal office, a hotel stay is often inevitable – and like most business travellers you could be tempted to use the hotel WiFi.
The problem you face is that the hotel industry is one of the top sectors to suffer data breaches.  Given the amount of information hotels potentially hold about you: your name, address, passport details, car registration plates and credit card details to name but a few, it is a cyber criminal’s dream.
Once checked in, you connect to the WiFi network …

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[ 9 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

Life for working mums is go, go, go. Juggling the responsibilities of being a mother while maintaining a place in the workplace as an engaged, enthusiastic and organised employee can, without a doubt, be a struggle. Working mothers who are also required to travel for their work can find themselves in a situation that is even more challenging.
Preparing for a business trip can be stressful in any circumstances, but throw in having to find childcare, organising transport for your child while you’re gone and alleviating your child’s fears about you …