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[ 7 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

If you count yourself among the millions who has started up your own business over the past year or two, it is almost certain that the business plan you so carefully crafted included some fairly impressive growth plans. What many startups fail to fully appreciate, however, is that growth is not a simple, linear process of more sales leading to an increase in turnover and a more healthy bottom line.
Setting up the infrastructure
A large proportion of businesses are web-based and operate perfectly successfully from the business owner’s home. As the …

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[ 5 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

By André Roque, Homeit
Whether you want to rent out a room or a whole flat or house on Airbnb the idea of earning some extra cash is appealing. However it can be surprising time consuming.  It’s not just cleaning and washing but responding to enquiries, checking guests in and out and handling other administration.
And, in some countries, you have to register your property as a short-term rental business, issue invoices and/or report guests’ identities to comply with local regulations.
So here are my tips to help you make money from you …

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[ 3 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

By Inna Kaushan, co-founder of Solna
Sending out clear, concise, well-designed invoices is very important if you want clients to deal with them quickly. Making it easy for your clients to pay you is necessary to get you paid on time.
Good invoicing can be achieved quickly and to help you here is our handy guide:
What should an invoice include?
An invoice is an important accounting document that requests payment in return for goods or services.  This means an invoice should always include:

The word ‘invoice’
The date of issue
Your name or your business …

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[ 29 Dec 2018 | No Comment ]

By Tomas Zalatoris, Clouder
Third party sellers sell their products via sites like Amazon – rather than from their own website. Amazon gains revenue without stocking additional products. It also provides sellers with a platform, with a proven ‘footfall’ – and no need to set up their own ecommerce site from scratch.
Despite the dominance of Amazon and eBay we’ve seen many niche marketplaces start and succeed in recent years. They offer alternatives to more generalised platforms that may not have as much focus on seller and customer support, or may …

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[ 22 Dec 2018 | No Comment ]

By Mike Ianiri, Equinox
As the Christmas holidays approach do you feel you are juggling business and family time?  Getting the balance right, particularly if you run a small business can be tricky.  This is partly because, although most people take time off and your customers may be closing, there isn’t consistently over which are non-working days. So, as you juggle to have time off with your loved ones how can you also ensure that you avoiding losing any business with people who are working during the Christmas period?
Here are some …

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[ 12 Dec 2018 | No Comment ]

By Richard Foster-Fletcher ACB CL, Toastmasters International
When someone you work with has made a bad mistake it’s easy to get emotional and lash out with negative feedback.  If you are running your own business and the error may be particularly costly that is a very human reaction.  Let me share my tips based on years of managing teams on how to give feedback effectively in such difficult circumstances.
Manage your emotion
You may be somewhere on a scale from deeply despondent to furious. This won’t help you have a productive conversation …

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[ 12 Dec 2018 | No Comment ]

These days there are many businesses that choose to trade internationally so that they can grow their business and build their brand awareness worldwide.  No matter which type of business you are running, international trade can be an important step to take to help you grow. With Brexit currently in progress there is an increased uncertainty for businesses over possible increased costs for international trade.
When trading overseas it is therefore important that as a business owner you are able to reduce your international trading costs and reduce the overall risk …

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[ 30 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

By Dave Millett, Equinox
Over the 40 years I have been in the telecoms industry a lot has changed, including the pace of change! And I have no doubt that there are plenty more changes on the horizon.
Back in the late 1970s – none of the elements that we all take for granted in our personal and work lives existed.   There were no mobiles; the only computers were mainframes the size of a small aircraft-hanger and it was still 10 years before Tim Berners-Lee would conceive the internet.  Even basic features …

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[ 27 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

When you’re realising that you have a knowledge gap in places, it’s important to find ways to plug that gap. Depending on what the topic is and the knowledge that’s missing, there are different ways to better educate yourself. Some of them are free, others inexpensive, and a few require a significant investment.
Here are four ways to become a smarter ‘mumpreneur’.
Premium Video Courses
Learning from people who can show you how to do something or how to think about it is a great shortcut to making progress. As a …

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[ 15 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

By Professor John Hunter, Tharos
 Getting any product to market is a challenge but with scientific products there are added hurdles.
If your product is in medical equipment, food & nutrition, veterinary, health etc. it will need rigorous testing and supporting evidence to gain credibility with, and confidence from potential buyers a well as meeting regulatory requirements.
After many years of research and testing my company, Tharos™, launched Equinectar®, an enzyme-enriched feed supplement for performance racehorses.
The journey from getting the science right to raising investment has been a significant challenge. Let me …