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[ 24 Jul 2018 | No Comment ]

Home based franchises

Franchises come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From large restaurants and fast food outlets that require multiple staff and specially designed premises to small businesses that can be run from a home office or van, there are franchises available to suit all entrepreneurs and all budgets. Each type of franchise offers its own unique set of benefits. Some will suit entrepreneurs with large amounts of capital and a desire to see big returns on their investment. Others will be more suitable for investors who want …

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[ 4 Apr 2018 | No Comment ]

Hello, my name is Samantha Sullivan and I am 43 years old. I am an Independent Partner at Flamingo Paperie running my own greetings card and stationery business around my busy family life.
I home educate my four children, one girl and three boys, who are aged from four to twelve years old. My husband and I emigrated to New Zealand fifteen years ago. Our first three children were born in New Zealand whilst the youngest was born in Australia. My husband tends to pick up short-term environmental contracts so we …

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[ 24 Mar 2016 | No Comment ]

I only started my business once I’d had children, and a lot of the time I think it would have been easier to start earlier. I know one or two people who had the foresight to realise that it might be easier to start a self employed business when you are young and independent, but many more who like me did it the hard way, juggling nappies and business plans. The British Franchise Association (the bfa) is launching an ‘In Business By 30’ campaign to drive more young people into the sector …

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[ 11 Feb 2015 | No Comment ]
Tips on Starting  a Franchise

Starting a franchise is a big step. It is exciting: working for yourself with the support of a successful business can feel liberating, but it can also feel like there is a lot to take on board. We’ve gathered some tips from the experts, and have an essential resource for you too, whether you want to buy into a franchise or become a franchisor.
Tip 1: Make use of franchising consultants. Clive Sawyer, the franchise consultant from Business Options, sees franchise consultants as a big part of the team that any …

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[ 26 Jan 2015 | No Comment ]
Find out about: Franchises

Family Friendly Working is packed with articles on all sorts of topics, whether you want to run your own business, join a party plan or direct sales business, or buy a franchise. In this article, I round up five articles to take you from the research stage to owning your own franchise.  Click each link to find out more

Find out about franchising: an introductory article with all the basics about franchising
Research to help you choose a franchise: learn about market research
What you need to succeed in franchising: the key facts that will help …

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[ 17 Nov 2014 | No Comment ]

West End musical theatre performers and dancers have notoriously short careers. Some go on to be choreographers or dance teachers but the choices available to bring in a steady income is fairly limited. Many look to retrain but it is daunting for those who have spent their life on a stage to suddenly up and try to established themselves in a whole new area. However, performers have a lot of transferable skills, including drive, commitment and determination, which can make them hugely successful entrepreneurs. Shelley Fitzgibbon runs Razzamataz Wokingham and Woodley. She …

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[ 14 Aug 2014 | No Comment ]

Free entry to two leading events
 Managing a busy work and home life can be a tricky balancing act, particularly for those with a young family. The two are not however mutually exclusive and running a business, particularly as a franchisee, is often the ideal solution.
Franchising offers the opportunity to work for yourself  with the support of an established brand name, a proven business model and a network of experienced fellow franchisees.  With 92 per cent of franchises operating profitably and the turnover of UK franchise businesses growing 20 per cent …

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[ 4 Jun 2014 | No Comment ]

 Free entry for readers saving up to £10 on the door
Running a franchised business is popular with many entrepreneurial women as it can be a way to achieve a better work/life balance while earning an income.
To find out all about franchising visit The British Franchise Exhibition at EventCity, Manchester on Friday 20 & Saturday 21 June, gain FREE entry and save up to £10 on the door, simply enter the code BFEFAM when registering at www.franchisetickets.co.uk
Work/life balance is particularly important and notoriously difficult for mothers as juggling work responsibilities whilst …

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[ 26 May 2014 | No Comment ]

Louise Hollis-Fox became a licensee of one of the UK’s leading providers of Early Years music resources, ‘Boogie Mites’, in September 2012. Married to a serviceman who often works away from home, she had to find a job that enabled her to look after her 11 year old son.
‘I was working within a local infant school and nursery unit as a learning support assistant, which I thoroughly enjoyed, when my job hours were increased causing me childcare issues. I always enjoyed running music sessions in small groups and was aware …

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[ 1 May 2014 | No Comment ]

Discover a new, exciting and highly flexible business opportunity teaching French or Spanish to little ones!
Frenchtastic offers a new, exciting & highly flexible business franchise opportunity teaching languages to little ones.  We are dedicated to teaching French and Spanish to young children in a fun way, using songs, games & drama to bring the language to life and inspire our little learners from as young as 18 months.
We’re also dedicated to ensuring you have the flexibility to fit your working life around family commitments and scale up your ambition and …