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[ 15 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Sometimes, good employees leave. It’s a normal part of running a business, and usually, it’s for the best. People you respect leave on good terms and head for greener pastures, while you replace them with new and enthusiastic staff members.
But when staff are leaving en masse, employers need to look inwards to realise there may be an internal problem. High staff turnover is often a symptom of deeper issues within your company, whether it’s outdated management practices or a toxic work culture.
Gemma Harding, Head of Client Services at call outsourcing …

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[ 14 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Women have higher success rates at crowdfunding scientific projects than men, according to new research from ESMT Berlin.
The study suggests that the ‘crowd’ may apply different decision-making criteria than traditional funding agencies, says Henry Sauermann, lead researcher and associate professor of strategy.
Alongside fellow researchers, Chiara Franzoni from MIP Politecnico di Milano and Kourish Shafi from the University of Florida, Sauermann analysed data from over 700 campaigns on the largest dedicated platform to crowdfunding scientific research, Experiment.com. They found that students and juniors are more likely to succeed than senior scientists, …

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[ 13 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Have you thought of taking the family to the Hay Festival? This year’s line up features a rich strand for children and families, HAYDAYS and #HAYYA and a free programme for schools.
A village of just 1,600 people on the banks of the River Wye, Hay welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors to Hay Festival every year, with festivalgoers travelling from over 40 countries to attend in 2018. Nestled beneath the stunning Black Mountains in the Brecon Beacons National Park, it’s a special place to visit at any time – if you haven’t yet been, …

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[ 13 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Employers should consider including supporting returners in management goals and financially rewarding these as well as sharing best practice on returners with their supply chains and clients, according to a workingmums.co.uk roundtable on returners.
The roundtable discussion, hosted by FDM Group, forms the basis of the workingmums.co.uk White Paper on Returners.
Diversity and HR leads from 20 employers from a diverse range of sectors took part in the roundtable and spoke about issues relating to hiring people who have taken a significant career break.
They emphasised the quality of the returner candidates they were …

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[ 12 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

A SHOCKING number of UK adults don’t know how to manage their finances in a responsible manner, according to new research.
A survey of 1,000 UK adults, carried out by Creditfix, the UK’s largest personal insolvency practice, found that only 34% of Brits admit they feel ‘in control’ of their finances. An overwhelming number (57%) said they couldn’t even confirm the amount of money in their bank account at that current time.
The research also reveals that only 1 in 5 (20%) British adults log their outgoings each month to keep track …

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[ 11 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Three quarters of mums are struggling to find the time to plough their way through a string of arduous ‘life admin’ tasks, according to a survey by Well Pharmacy. Which jobs are on your list? I’ve ditched number 6 altogether but there are quite a few still left on mine!
1. Fixing something in the house
2. Going to the doctors
3. Having a hair cut
4. Booking an eye test
5. Tending to the garden
6. Doing the ironing
7. Going to the dentist
8. Posting a …

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[ 10 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

A quarter of women have actively avoided careers because they are perceived to be ‘men only’- including construction, bus driving and politics, a study found.
Researchers who polled 2,000 employed Brits found around a fifth of females are stuck in a job they don’t enjoy.
And just one in 10 have managed to get the career they’d always hoped for.
A third believe they have missed out on roles because of their gender and 32 per cent feel they have been passed over for promotions for the same reason.
Further to this, 67 per …

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[ 9 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

According to research by The Open University Business, the total cost of the UK skills shortage is £6.3 billion a year and SMEs, which make up a large portion of businesses in the UK, shoulder the majority of the cost. Around 69% of SMEs think that large employers monopolise the best talent, and that they are unable to compete by raising salaries or spending significantly on recruitment strategies.  John Williams, Head of Marketing & Research at Instant Offices, has provided insightful ways on how SMEs can use social media as …

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[ 7 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

A new scan which assesses how inclusive an organisation is towards women has been developed by Vlerick Business School.
The scan surveys HR professionals and diversity and inclusion professionals at organisations, in order to assess how successfully they are approaching gender diversity in their HR processes and procedures. Based on the answers, the researchers are able to make an assessment of the maturity level of the company.
The questionnaire focuses on inclusivity in seven different key strategic business areas;
–              Vision and strategic policy
–              Leadership
–              HR and personnel policy
–              Internal communication
–              Quality assurance …

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[ 6 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Online safety for children and young people is more pertinent than ever and is increasingly becoming a minefield for parents and guardians. A former sexual health worker, who exposed the Rochdale child-abuse scandal, has teamed up with a tech expert, to offer top tips for parents to collaborate with children, to enjoy the online experience and offer peace of mind.
Sara Rowbotham, the Rochdale whistle blower and Matt Haworth, the co-founder of Reason Digital, a tech social enterprise which works with children’s charities, have developed guidelines for parents and guardians to …