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[ 6 Jun 2018 | No Comment ]

Advance meal prep is a popular strategy for managing your time, budget, and diet. When you plan ahead, you can count calories, organize your shopping list, and ensure that you have nutritious, high-quality meals waiting for you every day without the need to run through the grocery store or hit a fast food window. There are many compelling reasons to start planning and prepping ahead for your meals.
Avoid the Temptation of Fast Food
The majority of people who eat fast food do so out of convenience. Less than a third of …

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[ 22 Mar 2018 | One Comment ]

By Christopher Paul Jones, aka The Breakthrough Expert
Could Harry Potter offer the solution when it comes to helping your child deal with a phobia? Could a magic spell be the cure?
Whenever Harry wants to turn a negative situation or feeling into a positive one, he uses The Ridiculous Spell. By waving his wand at a person, or scenario, Harry transforms a moment of fear into a moment of comedy.
Imagine being able to help your child carry a magic wand with them that they can wave at something you don’t like… …

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[ 18 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]

Being a parent is an energy-intensive activity. It requires a lot of steam and a lot of coordination to ensure that each and every day goes off without a hitch. Going to work, hitting the gym, spending time with the family, getting the kids to bed – these activities can be exhausting to say the least. As a parent it’s important to getting sufficient rest to ensure that you have sufficient energy to get going the next day. Although, as most everyone knows when they try to go bed at …

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[ 16 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]

There are a variety of reasons why so many people suffer with anxiety, which is one of the most common mental health disorders. Life can certainly be stressful, and daily life can contain quite a bit of hardship. But whether you have been diagnosed with clinical anxiety or you are simply experiencing feelings of stress, unease, and anxiety when you are at work because of the environment that you are in and the people you are around, doing something about it is necessary. Otherwise, your symptoms could get worse and …

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[ 29 Nov 2017 | No Comment ]

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of offering perks and unique advantages to the people who work for you. When it comes to deciding which perks to offer your employees, there are several awesome options available, all of which could make coming into work a better and more enjoyable experience.
However, it’s also a good idea to offer help and support for your employees on the practical side of things, such as offering them health insurance that will entitle them to private healthcare under the …

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[ 8 Sep 2017 | One Comment ]

The holidays are over, you’re stuck at your desk again and your resolutions to get fit this Autumn are falling by the wayside. If you spend your work day hunched over a desk, you may be joining a legion of British workers with stiff, strained muscles. A poll of 2000 workers in Britain carried out by AXA PPP healthcare[1] found that nearly half (46%) of the respondents sit at work for 4-6 hours per day, with 1 in 4 (25%) sitting for 7-8 hours daily.
Spending all day sitting down can …

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[ 26 Aug 2017 | No Comment ]

Getting kids back into a term time sleep routine doesn’t have to be a nightmare according to The Sleep Council.
Late nights, long lie ins and days without structure are just some of the reasons the summer holidays play havoc with children’s sleeping patterns. But as the start of a new school year looms, parents are advised to start trying to re-establish their regular sleep routines a good week before they go back.
Said Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council: “It’s not uncommon to find that the long break disrupts bed and …

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[ 16 Aug 2017 | No Comment ]

A new year at school offers a great opportunity to create an improved sleep routine for your child. The key is to plan ahead and to encourage and support good sleep hygiene for the whole family, not just children on their own.  Dave Gibson, WarrenEvans bed makers sleep expert, and founder of thesleepsite.co.uk, shares his top tips.
1)  Work out how much sleep your child needs during the new school year – on average, 3 to 5 year olds need between 10 to 13 hours sleep, 6 to 13 year olds need 9 to 11 …

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[ 24 Jul 2017 | No Comment ]

Improving sleep has just got easier with the launch of a brand new, expert-driven, self-help tool. With parents losing out on more than six weeks’ worth of sleep in a single year of caring for a newborn*, The Sleep Council has created The 30 Day Better Sleep Plan to help people wanting to improve their sleep and prevent more serious and prolonged issues.
The 18 question and answer format available on the website (www.sleepcouncil.org.uk/30-day-plan/) builds a downloadable tailored plan which people are encouraged to follow for 30 days using The Sleep …

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[ 19 Jul 2017 | No Comment ]

Medication is a marvellous thing, life-giving in some cases, pain or symptom-relieving in many others. However, managing medication can be difficult, and it’s important to get it right, especially if a few medications have been prescribed together.
Medications taken incorrectly can lead to further medical problems, with dizziness, confusion and depression just a few of the symptoms that could be experienced when a mistake is made. So, keeping track of medication is crucial, so you can be assured the right amount has been taken at the right time, and that’s not …