The Three Faces of Facebook: A Start Up Guide to Using Facebook for Your Business

Peter freeman 2If you have a new business you’ll want to use social media to reach out to customers. What can confuse you is the fact that there are three different entities you can create on Facebook. Each one has their own specific role and rules. Read this article by Peter Freeman of Templedene Consultants to find out more, and what you should be using for your business.

1. Profiles

Profiles are for people, actual humans, they should be personal. You are not allowed to have one set up to be a business.

You can use a profile to mention your business, but it cannot appear to be a business.

If you have a personal profile, and post occasional links about your business this is fine. So is mentioning or sharing special offers, promotions and so on.

Having a personal profile as “TempleDene Consultants” is not allowed. A personal profile like this can be removed or converted to a “page” without notice.

It may seem safe, as you might think a profile converted to a page doesn’t sound too bad. If that happens though, you don’t get a proper page, you get something that misses a lot of page features.

You might also think, “well I’ll set up a page later, and get everyone to move across to it”. Wrong, you will lose around 50% of the profiles “friends” who never see the messages to move or don’t bother.

2. Pages

Pages are for businesses, You can put them into specific categories to help people find you. For example the TempleDene Consultants page is in the category for Web Design.

One advantage of a business page is that you can assign management roles to other people. This allows them to post on behalf of a business as if they were that business. You can have several people set up in different roles. Same even goes for a Youtube channel. If you also have a Youtube account and post those videos on facebook for generating more views, then hire an expert marketing company and don’t let the price be your only guide when buying youtube views as this can in return help you get the right exposure, thus helping the business grow in a positive manner.

You should have someone you trust who is also a page admin. If your profile gets hacked or lost, they can reinstate any new profile you set up as an admin to your business page.

3. Groups

Facebook groups are communities, they are useful for bringing together people with similar interests.
You could build a group around your business. For example a group for beer lovers if you are a brewery, or a group for craft lovers if you sell craft supplies and so on.

The original creator of a group always keeps control as long as they remain in it. That is unless you quit the group or get yourself banned from Facebook. You can set up other people as an admin of the group, and they can do everything you can.

But the best way to use groups is to join ones that let you promote your business to others. Just remember that it’s best to become a recognisable name in that group by joining in. If you dive in promoting your business too much straight away it will stick out like a sore thumb!

Templedene logo 1This post is from Peter Freeman of TempleDene Consultants. He has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years, he has been managing and developing website for over 15 years now and has specialised in ensuring websites are accessible for as many people as possible, taking care to make sure they are suitable for diverse groups such as the colour blind and the blind and partially sighted amongst others. You can find out a little more about him here. Readers of Family Friendly Working can claim a 5% discount by mentioning this article.




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