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Mum 1Becoming a parent is the most significant and life-changing event that will happen to most of us and will affect every aspect of your life in some way. For many of us though, starting a new family will also coincide with starting a new business. Yes, we’re talking about the new and growing band of mumpreneurs.

More and more of us are now combining being a parent with setting up our own start-up company. If you’ve always had a great idea for a small business, now might be the perfect time to see how far it can go. In the past, starting a business might have meant spending lots of time away from home meeting clients, setting up new office spaces and marketing your businesses to a new audience. With the advent of the internet age though, setting up a new business can look entirely different. Many start-ups now exist almost entirely online, selling to customers and dealing with clients all through the web.

If you’re looking to get your business started, then your first step should be to register your website. The use and features of your website might change over time, but a strong domain name that suits your new business’ personality should form the foundation of your online business. You can find out what websites are currently available by clicking here.

Becoming a parent can also create the spark needed to start your new business, with your children providing inspiration or making clear a new gap in the market which no one has thought to cater for until now. Take the example of Helen Kirkham who developed the Mrs Gleam range of child-friendly cleaning products, which is now stocked across the country in Lakeland and the Co-Op. Or Mona Shah who was inspired by her son to create her own range of chocolate truffles.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that The Telegraph reported recently that mumpreneurs contributed over £7 billion to the UK economy and supported 204,000 jobs. Being mumpreneurial can be big business and launch an entirely new career that fits perfectly around looking after a young family.

 If you’re now convinced and want to get started, here are our top tips for mumpreneurs:

  1. Register your .uk domain and start building your website – remember that you can also use your new domain to set up a business email address
  2. Research your audience – who is your target customer and what can you do to grab their attention? Consider doing some customer research and find out what makes them tick
  3. Start marketing yourself online – the core of any online marketing should be a well-build, clear and useful website. Once you have this, you might want to set up social media channels to spread the word further and engage with your customers
  4. Don’t forget about SEO – a good website is nothing if people can’t find it. Talk to an expert and find out what you can do to improve your website’s search rankings. This could include linking to other small businesses in your area or contributing guest blog posts on your specialist topics.

This post is by Sonya Rance. Sonya is the newly appointed Head of Marketing Services for Nominet, one of the world’s largest internet registries. Sonya is an experienced Marketing and Communications professional with a career spanning over 25 years and a track record of delivering high profile marketing campaigns.

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