Mumpreneur profile: Dora of Medapti #VOOM #votenow

preview frontMy name is Dora, I am a mum of two and I have been developing a unique baby product for a few years. I came up with the idea when I struggled to give medicine to my children when they were babies.

journeyI found 15 types of medicine dispensers: soft syringes, dummy dispensers, syringe bottles and many more but none were good enough. Some were too messy, some too difficult to use, some not suitable for babies that don’t take dummies or bottles, some simply ineffective. That’s when I came up with MEDAPTI – adapter for oral syringes that is a simple solution to all the problems outlined above. It will make giving medicine safer and easier. It directs medicine to the cheek, which prevents choking. It is soft therefore protects mouth and gums. It is simple and mess free. It gives more control, safely positioning the syringe in the right place. It only requires one hand to dispense the medicine.

preview finalIt has been just over three years since I first thought of MEDAPTI and what an exciting journey it has been! Learning about patents, design, manufacturing and so many other things! I have to say, juggling between a day job, kids and MEDAPTI project isn’t easy and we have to make sacrifices as a family but I hope it is all worth it. Luckily, I had a lot of support from my family and friends with my two boys, 4 and 6 years old, being my biggest supporters and valuable advisers. I would love to take them to a supermarket one day and show them MEDAPTI on one of the shelves! They would be so thrilled!

MedaptiThis is why I need your support! You could be a part of making MEDAPTI a reality. I entered VOOM2016 competition; if I get enough votes, I have a chance to pitch to Richard Branson. Alongside, I am running a crowdfunding campaign so I can pay for the tooling and produce the first batch of my product. Please vote and pledge for me: You can sign in using Linkedin/Facebook and vote just in a few clicks. For £10 you could be one of the first ever owners of my product, there are other rewards too.

logo medaptiMEDAPTI is such a genius solution that could help so many, not only babies and parents or carers but also premature babies, ill, disabled and elderly.


If you have an invention, or you have entered VOOM, do let us know – check out the guidelines at and you could appear on the site too.

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