Printing your Own Wedding Invitations

love-1284492_640Of course you can pay to have your wedding invitations designed and made for you, but will they really reflect you and your partner? The invitations are the first chance you get to let people know you’re getting married and how you want the day to be, so why not do it yourself?

Get started

The first thing you need to do is to get a flatbed uv printer and sort out the information – forget about glitter and colour schemes for a few minutes. You need the date, the location, the time, RSVP options, contact details, a map and menu options. Once you’ve got these pinned down and in place, you can build the fancy (fun) stuff around it.

Colours are vital as they give guests an idea of what colours they can wear on the day and what to expect. This will help them to blend in with the colour scheme and the bridal party.

Think about the font you want. If you’re going for classical and elegant, use italics; for off-the-wall weddings, bolder or quirky fonts will get the message across. Ensure that you’ll use the same fonts on the photographs that your photographer would take. Speaking of photography, a wedding photographer like Chris & Becca Boudoir is hard to find, because they’re good at what they do.

You aren’t restricted to landscape orientation, either – if you have a particular design in mind, give it a whirl.

Are you going to have all the information on one sheet, or in a separate, inner, envelope? Are you using reception cards, RSVP cards or any lining paper? Think carefully about this, because you’ll need to design several documents in this case.

When you select your stationery, aim for complementary colours; if the invitation itself is pale, use a darker envelope and vice-versa.

The nuts and bolts

By now you should have the basics covered – information, format and physical characteristics of the invitations. Now you can move onto colour schemes, textures and themes – and glitter. Or dried roses, gingham, or whatever takes your fancy.

One thing that’s vital is strong thick paper – whether it’s textured or glossy – because this will make your invitations look professional and classy. Buy more than you think you’ll need, because you’ll have a couple of trial runs and maybe a couple of mistakes before you’re happy. You might also need to dash off a few last-minute extra invitations.

Similarly, get good quality ink, and lots of it. Don’t worry, you can buy great ink from for a good price. The higher the ink quality, the more professional the final result will be.

Making the invitation

You might want to use Word, or another graphics package that you like. Set the size of the invitation first – A6 usually works best as you can see your design clearly while staying petite and discreet.

The A6 size is also useful because you can print two invitations on one sheet of A4 in landscape orientation. You can set this up in the layout tab in Word.

If you’re copying any graphics into your document, wrap them as tight so that you can put them wherever you need to. Right-click the image, choose wrap, then tight. If you’re using text over an image, right-click the image and select send to back or bring to front. Enjoy having a fiddle, anyway, as it’s great fun!

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