Ten ways to run a healing business and still support yourself

Whether you are a spiritual healer, an energy healer, a therapist, a coach, a carer or have any role where you help people to make the best of their lives you will probably find yourself in the lower range of earners. But this doesn’t need to be the case. It’s true that you’re unlikely to make millions – but you can create an income from doing the work you love. Anne Jones aka AJ Pengelly, author of ‘Master of the Keys’ has been working, and earning a living, as a spiritual healer and teacher for over twenty years. Here are her ten top tips to help you do the same:

  • Don’t necessarily give up your day job!   If you enjoy your current work, use this to bring in an income and do your healing part-time.  One of my clients was in investment banking and decided she’d rather be a yoga teacher. After two years of poverty she went back to banking; her yoga is now a hobby. She is happy and making money.


  • Value yourself. Traditionally healers are expected to share their “gift” free of charge. When I started healing I asked for a donation to avoid the “embarrassment” of asking for a fee. However, some people took advantage. So, if you have a problem finding the right rate, ask a friend to set it for you. Remember you can always give concessions if needed.


  • Combine your skills and make your own brand. You have a unique combination of skills, talents and experiences.  These are your assets; incorporate them into your work. One friend is now combining her acting skills with her past life therapy and doing a one-woman show that uses both. I use writing to pass on my spiritual experiences in fiction as well as non-fiction books.  This way you can add value to your work and stand out from other therapists in your area.


  • Use Stealth. Get training in one or more therapies, for example, massage or reflexology and do your healing through the therapy. You will reach and help more people that way.


  • Write a book. Write about your experiences, share your knowledge and show your clients how they can continue to support themselves after your sessions. Develop products that support your work as this will also help your income stream.


  • Advertising and Marketing. Don’t bother to advertise healing; personal recommendation is best. Make YouTube videos of your work to share your skills. You will benefit people and you will be advertising yourself at the same time. Use social media to send out messages and share your energies.


  • Organise your own group. Run a regular meditation or healing group. People feeling their way on their journey of healing can use this to “put their toe into the water”, they can then meet you and get to know you before committing to a session.


  • Don’t let it be a burden. Be happy and free of the burden of duty; do not attach yourself to outcomes. Remember your client is his/her own healer and you are offering the energy for them to use and your care and understanding to help them.


  • Be grounded and be yourself. Make sure that you are grounded in reality. Be kind to yourself; don’t feel you have to deprive yourself of the joys of living and the fun of life. Be natural, be human and be yourself!


  • Love what you do! If your heart closes, then it’s time to find another occupation to supply your income! It’s essential that you are happy within yourself and at ease with your work if you are going to be successful and attract clients.

Finally, enjoy it! It’s the best feeling in the world when you can help someone feel better about themselves!

About Anne Jones aka AJ Pengelly

Anne Jones is a spiritual healer, teacher, author and inspirational speaker. Her books in the fields of self-development and spirituality have been translated in over 17 languages.  Anne also writes under the pseudonym A.J. Pengelly.  Her latest book, Master of the Keys, is an entirely new genre designed to bring symbolic thought and self-empowerment into the periphery of the mainstream. Her aim is to help others tap into their inner resources so that they too can discover their true potential. For more information see: www.charlie-masters.com and www.annejones.org

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