Accessible Activities – a guide to summer holiday locations across the UK that don’t exclude wheelchair users.

When it comes down to the school summer holidays there are a vast number of events and activities to plan to help keep your children’s minds stimulated and avoid incessant boredom. Planning family day trips, however, often involves regimental organisation and a lot of multitasking, so the last thing you want to worry about on arrival is the stress of the venue having no disabled access, which despite being 2017, isn’t always a given. It’s often a subject that a lot of us have the privilege to disregard, but for parents who are wheelchair users, or have children or grandparents and/or other family members who are, this can be an added worry, especially when travelling to the destination has been a hurdle in itself. The wheelchair repair company offers in-home repairs, in case special parts are needed, they can offer you a loaner equipment during service and repairs.

Mobility Nationwide specialise in new and used accessible vehicles across the UK and, in their latest campaign, have provided a map of the UK which looks at some top destinations (including museums and historic sites) which are completely accessible and provide great trips out for the whole family.  Covering a wide range of locations, the guide also provides insights on venues which are both educational and inexpensive, which is highly useful in alleviating the pressure of providing daily activities on a tight budget. For families that can’t afford to take time off during the week in the summer holidays, there are some great places to visit on weekend away trips to places such as Edinburgh and London. The map also balances between sporty, recreational, educational and relaxing venues. Here are our top three destinations we think are worth the journey this summer…

Schiehallion Mountain, Scotland

For those adrenaline junkies out there, it’s pretty exciting news that the first ever wheelchair accessible Munro was Schiehallion Mountain in Scotland! It’s hardly surprising that Queen Victoria was a previous visitor of this magnificent landmark, which not only holds spectacular views over Loch Tummel but has unique connections to scientific history as the site of the first ever measurement of the mass of the earth! A trip to Schiehallion is as varied as the place itself, whether you’re trekking across the landscapes to drink in the sublime landscapes, or indulging in a spot of deer watching. On a clear day this place is a treat for the whole family.


The National Railway Museum, Durham

If locomotives are your thing, then you’re in luck! The National Railway museum in Durham, which has free entry has previously been voted the UK’s best tourist destination for wheelchair access. They have sufficient wheelchair-friendly parking near their city entrance.  To make things a little easier, they also offer free wheelchairs for use on arrival. Whilst their events are varied and many, their permanent locomotive residents such as the Japanese bullet train (the only one of its kind currently outside of Japan) are shining in all their glory in the Great Hall, which has a lot to get excited about. With so much going on, to avoid missing out on any workshops, interactives, or educational talks, check out their website first to book in advance.

The Science Museum, London

Another free entry museum, don’t let the word ‘science’ trick you into thinking that you won’t have just as much fun as your children, as well as simultaneously absorbing a vast amount of knowledge. If you’re not from London the trip is fairly likely to cost a significant amount before you’ve even thought about your trips and events—so museums with free entry are a must! This museum prides itself on being fully accessible for wheelchairs and provides some children’s and adult’s wheelchairs on arrival. Currently, the museum has an exciting exhibition called ‘Journeys Through Medicine’ which serves to expand on Wellcome’s extensive collection of health related objects. Situated on the second floor the exhibition serves to map our medical progress, so be prepared for some guts and gore!

Check out the map below for the rest of the locations and if you have any more suggestions for great accessible locations for family visits this summer drop us a comment below!

This post is in association with Mobility Nationwide

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