Flexible working works!

83% of businesses are positive about the contribution of flexible workers

A study into white collar flexible working by Ten2Two, highlights that 83% of employers agree that flexible working has benefitted their business. Deborah O’Sullivan, operations director of Ten2Two commented “The myths that flexible working is synonymous with ‘slacking’ or that the challenges of managing flexible workers outweigh the benefits are, quite rightly, disappearing.

“Businesses are overwhelmingly positive about the contribution of flexible workers and are increasingly looking for different working patterns that will enable them to attract and retain valuable and hard to find professionals.

“While on one level this is great news for parents who constitute the vast majority of professionals wanting flexible working, we are yet to achieve utopia.

“The survey revealed, as with full time employees, an undercurrent of workers feeling exploited as many people are working far more hours than they’re paid for in order to get the job done. This points to an issue with job design and management.”

“I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work flexibly but in reality I’m working a full time week in three days and only getting 60% of the full time salary.” Representative survey response from flexible worker

How employers offer flexible working
45% of employers offer flexible working formally with 38% offering it informally. The principle types of flexible working offered are:
• Part-time day (e.g. reduced hours, every day): 54%
• Working from home (all or part week): 47%
• Part-time week (e.g. three full days a week): 46%
• Part-time day/week (less than five days per week plus reduced hours): 34%
• Staggered hours (e.g. 7.30am to 3.30pm): 33%
• Occasional/interim professional support: 20%
• Job-share: 8%

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