7 tips on how to create compelling content #SageAdvice

Earlier this summer I did a live twitter Q&A session on how to create engaging content with Sage. If you missed it, here are some of the tips I shared.

  1. What is the most important thing you should know before creating content?

Ask yourself some quick questions. WHO is it aimed at? WHAT do you want them to do after seeing your content? HOW will you get them to act?

  1. What benefits will you get from creating content?

Without fresh content any website is static: consumers today expect sites to have new and current content. Search engines rank your site more highly with regular fresh content too.  Without fresh content how will customers know about your new products, services and the benefits to them?

  1. How do you create content that will stand out?

Be clear about the purpose of any content. Do your research: look for terms people are searching on, the questions they are asking. Tailor your article to meet those needs. Always put the reader first rather than simply considering what you want to promote.

  1. What top tips do you have for people who are just starting out with content creation?

Do your research, write your article, then leave it for 24 hours. Go back and edit it and see how many unnecessary words you can eliminate While search engines like long content consumers have short attention spans so get your key messages in up front. Use lists and bullet points to break up longer content, and remember to use photos and video too.

  1. What are some of the biggest mistakes when trying to create engaging content?

Thinking about what you want to say, without finding out what consumers want to read or watch. All your effort in creating content can be wasted if you don’t cover a topic or question that spikes people’s curiosity. Pick a good title too: you can research this by browsing any site and seeing which titles grab your attention too.

  1. As a small business, where or who do I go to for help and advice on content creation?

There are lots of freelance writers out there who have extensive experience in creating great copy. Talk to a few and check out work they have done for clients. Look for someone who clicks with your business ethos. Be prepared to pay them properly: great content shouldn’t be cheap. If you want some input but are on a budget, note down all the things that you would like the copywriter to include in your content. The more detail you give them, the easier and quicker their job. Don’t forget the editor and proof reader have an important role to play too.

Get more tips on writing for a business purpose.



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