Why confidence can embolden trust in your business

The old saying, “fake it ’til you make it” is an idea loosely based on the original idea of Aristotle, who postulated that in order to be a virtuous person, one must act as a virtuous person would act. The idea being that if you tell yourself something over and over, head would soon follow heart. In business, there is some value to these sentiments.

Previously, we explored the idea of letting go of one’s ego in order to truly succeed in business, with the idea that our negative thoughts and a fear of ‘reputational harm’ caused us to make decisions that were bad for business and ultimately bad for our bank balances.

This philosophy would appear to be at odds with the idea that a little grandiosity can actually have a positive effect on the way you do business, especially given that as parents, selflessness is second-nature to many of us; we put our kids’ needs before our own, frequently. But in actual fact, the idea of presenting a self who appears to believe in themselves fully (i.e. confidence) an actually act as a magnet to attract future business – and it has nothing to do with an inflated or an arrogant sense of self. So, how can you show yourself to be a confident, successful businessperson and remain modest by all outward appearances? The answer: it’s all about moderation.

Firstly, it’s important to own the right outward appearance, even when you’re stressed, or short for time. While you don’t have to be draped in gold like Mr. T to show off your acumen, a little attention to detail can go a long way.

An active family life and work are never an easy combination to balance, but turning up late or looking dishevelled and tired at client meetings and important events can be a disastrous move. Make sure you always look the part – it may be an old cliché, but a classy watch is the classic move in sending out a positive message about success at first glance. Of all the ‘luxury’ watch brands, Omega is a name that remains affordably priced in comparison to similarly high-end designers such as Patek Philippe and Jaeger LeCoultre, particularly if you pick one up second-hand on a watch vendor site such as Chrono24.

A lot can be said for the confidence of body language, and here are people out there who can teach you how to master this! In addition to better working relationships, a life coach can train you in the art of mastering social relationships and professional leadership, mindfulness and even help you with your interactions at home to ensure the best work/life balance possible. Check out the Life Coach Directory, which is a national database that puts you in touch with coaches in your area.

Lastly, it sounds obvious, but be yourself! Your genuine personality is one of the most attractive features to prospective clients and it shows people that you are not a salesperson or someone who promises what they aren’t able to deliver. For example, in the business world, we are often put in the position of agreeing to deadlines or other constraints we know we can’t achieve. If a client is asking something of you that you won’t realistically be able to deliver on time or on budget, be truthful. Ultimately, you have the reputation behind your business to think about, and your genuine honesty up front is better than a spoiled name later on. Those of you ready to take the plunge into a lifestyle where you are being coached and guided. You’re courage is admirable, stay strong as it is not going to be easy. Thankfully, sites lke https://www.coaching-online.org/life-coach do a great job at preparing people about to jump into a life coaching session. With advice on how to prepare, anyone can tackle this rather complicated venture.

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