Emma Willis: How to perfect your power dressing without breaking the bank

Next brand ambassador and stylish working mum Emma Willis recently selected her edit from Next’s sumptuous summer collection, but aside from picking out her favourite items from the new range, she was on hand to talk everyday power dressing and how to change it up for a more affordable summer look! Next also chatted to fashion psychologist Dr Aurora Paillard to hear just how important what you wear is to your wellbeing! As a busy parent, if you’re too time strapped to worry about the next addition to your wardrobe, we hope that Emma and Dr Paillard’s wise words will inspire you when on the hunt for your new outfit!

The ultimate power outfit for the office

If you’re looking for a bold power outfit for that big meeting, Emma has a clear favourite, saying, “A suit makes me feel fabulous.” Having that go-to option ready and waiting in your wardrobe can be a real boost, meaning that you aren’t fretting on the Monday morning, because you’ll already be raring to go with a proven winner of an outfit.

Emma certainly feels that way, saying:

“I think a suit gives me the most power – I mean, I don’t know if it actually does, but wearing one makes me feel comfortable and confident.”

Emma looks stunning in her suit, and it is a great choice if you’re deliberating on how to nail your power dressing before heading out to work, but ultimately, it’s all about what you feel confident in wearing.

As much as Emma is a firm advocate of a power outfit, she also believes in simply dressing in what personally makes you feel on top form, saying:

“I think there’s a lot of pressure to be individual and different… It’s not important to me to feel individual but more to trust my gut and to feel like me in it.”

There are different dress codes across different workplaces in the country, so be bold, be brilliant and wear whatever makes you feel like you will perform to your best – power dressing is not always about standing out from the crowd, but you could try something fashionable like a bandage dress!

From a psychological standpoint, Dr Paillard also agrees with Emma telling Next, that “Your wellbeing will be higher if you’re wearing clothes you’re comfortable with and shows who you are.” The identity of your wardrobe can be key to your mood, but it’s also about what makes you feel your best. But will it also mean an uplift in your performance when working? Dr Paillard believes so, saying:

“When it comes to power dressing, it is proven that if you wear such clothes, or for example red lipstick, you will perform better and you will feel happier.”

There you have it, so with your outfit on point, your self-confidence should soar, and in turn you’ll be powering through your work. When it hits summer time though, a change of season can mean a change of outfit regardless of the temperature, and Emma’s an expert in switching it up for the sun…

Changing it up for summer

When it comes to summer, Emma says:

“I wear a lot of tailoring and suits and trousers, but when it’s summer, whether it’s hot or not – you feel like it’s ok to suddenly get your legs out.”

Ultimately, Emma would vouch for a shift to a lighter option if you’re enjoying the weather with your family!

Of course, there is the question of what you wear when you finally hit that well-earned summer break, and Emma is on hand with one of her favourites – the green tiger print beach shirt which is perfect to wear over your bikini by the pool or for dressing up for dinner!

Whether you’re wondering about how to nail that power outfit or what to wear when holiday season comes around, we hope that Emma’s advice has given you some quick-fire pointers for how to perfect your look with some help from Dr Paillard. To discover more of Emma’s interview and see her beautiful summer collection in full, check it out on www.next.co.uk/emma-willis

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