4 Reasons to Prepare Meals in Advance for Healthier Eating

Advance meal prep is a popular strategy for managing your time, budget, and diet. When you plan ahead, you can count calories, organize your shopping list, and ensure that you have nutritious, high-quality meals waiting for you every day without the need to run through the grocery store or hit a fast food window. There are many compelling reasons to start planning and prepping ahead for your meals.

Avoid the Temptation of Fast Food

The majority of people who eat fast food do so out of convenience. Less than a third of fast food diners choose fast food because they like it, yet 40 percent of people in a recent survey eat fast food weekly, and 35 percent do so at least once a month. When you’re headed home after a busy day, it’s easy to go for the fast drive-thru solution. But if you were to talk to a dentist in Voorhees Township NJ, you’d know how detrimental fast food is to the teeth and the body.

Unfortunately, fast food is notoriously high in calories, is highly processed, and lacks highly nutritious foods such as fresh vegetables and lean meats. If you’re trying to stick to a healthy eating plan, you should stay away from these restaurants as much as possible. Preparing your meals in advance is the perfect solution. You’ll have all the speed and convenience of a restaurant with pre-made food that’s good for you.

Manage Your Portion Control

When you prepare your meals in advance, you can easily separate them by serving to make sure that a meal for four is actually divided into four separate containers. When you serve meals family-style, it’s more difficult to gauge your portion sizes, and you may fall into the habit of taking second or third servings. Separate your meals into single-serving containers, and you’ll always know exactly how much you should eat to stay on track with your eating goals.

Stick to Your Eating Plan

Advance meal planning and prep typically makes it easier to stick to an eating plan. It’s difficult to count your calories or macros day-to-day, but you can easily plot them out on your weekly menu. Choose your recipes in advance with the Lifesum app, note their nutritional values, and formulate your menu. Looking at the big picture will help you outline a well-balanced eating plan, while taking a day-to-day approach could result in imbalances. Once you’ve put in your prep time, you can easily pull out the day’s meals and dine happily without another thought.

Save Time and Money

When you prep your meals in advance, you can get away with a single organized shopping trip, which is usually cheaper than making last-minute runs throughout the week. You can also eliminate food waste by making your meals in advance to properly use everything from your list. If you plan correctly and stick to the menu, you shouldn’t end up with spoiled produce or forgotten ingredients, which causes a big drain on your wallet. Preparing multiple meals at once can help you save time in the kitchen, especially once you streamline the process.

If you’re looking to dramatically change your dining habits, switching from daily to weekly meal prep may offer just the change you need for a healthier and more affordable lifestyle.

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