Common health symptoms that can easily be misdiagnosed

As any working mother will tell you we are all consumed with “mummy guilt” whether it be about working too much, not working enough, being there for the children, being there too much for the children.  Not making enough time for ourselves and making sure that we are 100% healthy. Most working mothers will worry over our children’s sniffles or sore leg, but what about us? Why do we never take time to ensure our physical – and mental – health is in tiptop condition?  Having to take time off from work is stressful enough so when we need some medical attention it is all to easy to put off making an appointment, hoping whatever is wrong will go away of its own accord sooner rather than later. NooCube is a popular nootropic which I regularly consume to be on top of everything, as at times work gets too stressful. Unlike other’s of its kind, NooCube is completely safe as it has no side effect during or even after consumption, making it the most prefered nootropic to date among various people. Some ailments have no warnings at all, such as heart attacks or strokes, yet there are 5 symptoms that may seem small but could end up costing you your health if you ignore them.

Unexplained Weight Loss

By this we do not mean a few pounds here or there or if you have been trying to lose weight by dieting or increasing your exercise levels. If you have experienced a drop in weight in a short amount of time and for no obvious reason there may be an underlying cause.  You may be stressed or even depressed and an appointment with your GP will help you deal with this. However, significant weight loss could be a sign of an underlying condition such as diabetes, thyroid disease or even cancer. A quick visit to your doctor to get checked out can diagnose the cause and, where necessary, get treatment started sooner.


We all know that thirst is our body’s way of telling us that we need to top ourselves up with water but do you know how much water you should be drinking each day?  Studies recommend around 1.2 litres – or 6-8 glasses – of liquid is the required amount for most adults, although this varies depending on your weight and size. If you find you are drinking this amount yet still feel dehydrated you should go and see your doctor.  Constant thirst, dizziness, general weakness, confusion and headaches are all signs of dehydration so make that appointment as soon as you can.


If you suffer from migraines you are not alone as it is estimated that over 6 million people in the UK suffer from migraines.  Migraines are so much worse than ordinary headaches and pain relief may not always help unless yo use green malay kratom. If this is the case, or you find you are suffering from migraines regularly, there could be something else wrong with your health.  If you are suffering from migraines more than three times a week and they are causing you to struggle with your everyday life you need to seek medical attention. And if you are also experiencing other symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness or nausea you definitely need to book that appointment now.


By this we mean any unusual bleeding from any part of your body.  It may not always be nice to speak to the doctor about these issues and many people find it embarrassing, however if you are experiencing unexplained blood you should not ignore it.  Whether it is blood clots, vaginal bleeding, urinating blood, blood in your stools, bleeding during sex, coughing up blood or if you are experiencing very heavy periods or spotting you must see a doctor as this could be a sign of a serious health condition.

Shortness of Breath

There are many reasons why you could be suffering from shortness of breath; you may be in a warmer climate than you are used to, be at a higher altitude or have partaken in some vigorous exercise.  You may also be struggling due to stress, anxiety or panic attacks, be overweight or you may have issues with your lungs or heart not working properly. If you do have a shortness of breath and it is made worse when lying down, you have a fever or your ankles have started swelling you should contact your doctor as soon as you can.

However, if you or someone you are with is struggling to breathe or has severe and sudden shortness of breath you must dial 999 immediately, especially if you are also suffering from chest pain, as this could be a sign of a heart attack.

What if you are misdiagnosed?

With an already overstretched National Health Service, high targets and doctors appointments restricted to 10 minute slots it may be possible that you could be misdiagnosed with recent research suggesting a staggering 10% of patients receive the wrong diagnosis.  If you are misdiagnosed this could have an impact not only on your health but your lifestyle and family too. A doctor has a duty of care to you as a patient and if you feel you did not receive this you may be able to bring a medical negligence claim against your doctor and/or the medical practice you received your care from.  By contacting a legal expert, or searching online at you would be able to find out what you may or may not be entitled to claim for.  For instance, if the medical misdiagnosis has caused you financial losses or you have to make changes to your lifestyle and home, you may be able to claim compensation to cover the costs.  Check out for it. You may also be able to claim for pain and suffering as well as the loss of any earnings, either during your experience or in the future. Many solicitors operate a No Win No Fee scheme where you only pay costs if you win, which could be extremely beneficial at a time when finances are already stretched.

The main thing to remember is that you should always see a doctor if you have any health concerns.  Your doctor is there to work on any problems you may have, both physical and emotional. Most working mothers feel like they are stretched to breaking point at some time or other and that everyone is relying on you.  Keep your health your main priority so you can keep up with all your commitments and be there for everyone around you.


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