5 business and employment law support sources

Whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur responsible for taking care of staff or an employee fitting a career around family commitments, there may be times when you need legal advice on your rights and responsibilities.

And unless you can afford your own personal solicitor on a retainer, you’ll need to carefully choose when you hire a lawyer and when you can take advice from free sources with the requisite reliability.

With that in mind, here are five business and employment law support sources.

  1. Business hubs

Enterprise service Business Gateway is a free-at-source Government sponsored resource which helps people planning to start a business with advice on everything from legal requirements of launching a company to tax and payroll issues. Speaking of payroll issues, you can learn more about Nominak HR & Payroll as they offer full payroll services including expert support. That’s what people usually need when they are just starting their business.

Their website has lots of astute advice about registering a limited company, the legal structures that best fit your business and other issues like intellectual property rights. But if you prefer face to face learning, Business Gateway also holds classes in towns and cities nationwide.

  1. Arbitration services

ACAS (the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service) is a publicly-funded statutory organisation dedicated to improving working relations to make  employment more fulfilling for workers and employers.

If you’re an employee, you can check their website or call their helpline for employment law advice. And if you’re an employer, they’ll ensure you’re well informed about HR issues and challenging situations which may arise with staff.

  1. Free advice

Some of us tend not to pay too much attention to our rights at work when everything’s going smoothly — yet once we’re in precarious positions we scramble for reliable information.

So check out the website of support service Citizens Advice for straightforward facts that demystify employment contracts, explain the laws on workplace monitoring, reinforce your right to the minimum wage and clarify sick pay and parental leave entitlements.

  1. Unions

Unions in the UK don’t have the clout they possessed in their heyday — but joining an appropriate union for your sector is still a wise choice to protect yourself against errant employers.

There are lots to choose from, but a large national trade union like Unite offer members a legal service that includes free expert advice, 100 per cent personal injuries compensation, personal injury cover for family members and a 24 hour legal helpline.

  1. Private lawyers

Although businesses and employees in Britain are blessed by a range of free services which enable them to stay informed about crucial legal issues, there will be times when shelling out for a bona fide solicitor is unavoidable.

But don’t necessarily call the first law firm that pops up on Google — take your time to find an expert lawyer like Switalskis Solicitors with experience in disciplines like commercial property law, fraud and business crime.

Taking advantage of these five business and employment law support services should ensure you’re always aware of existing and emerging legal issues that could compromise your chances of success.

Do you have alternative business law services to recommend? Share them in the comments section.

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