3 reasons why customer feedback can be so helpful moving forward

As much as they’d like to, online businesses can’t read minds. They can’t possibly know what’s going on in a customer’s head when they shop on their site. Of course, every business owner would love to understand things from a customer POV, like how easy or difficult it was to find what they came looking for, whether the site UX was a pleasing experience, whether the photos and descriptions were good enough, and perhaps why a shopping cart was abandoned occurred just before purchase.

Due to the fact that online surveys result in getting feedback the easy way, businesses really have no excuse when it comes to reaching out to their site visitors. With just a few clicks and a brief written summary, you can discover all sorts of wonderful information you never knew before. It doesn’t really matter if this is done after purchase or even if cart abandonment happens, it’s still good to know how the online shopping experience went. Here’s why customer feedback is so important.

You have an idea of customer satisfaction

Sure, you made a sale, but was the customer actually satisfied? Only with feedback can you truly know what could have been done better. When you value the opinions of the people who take the time to visit your site, you’re well on your way to building loyalty and trust. If it becomes apparent that there’s one piece of feedback you keep seeing over and over again, then you’d better start implementing that change right away. Maybe the total cost of shipping is only revealed once a customer enters in their payment details and this is what turns people off from making the purchase and instead leads them to abandoning their cart.

Helps with customer retention

It’s fair to say that happy customers will likely visit and buy from your shop again. However, unhappy customers will definitely leave with negative feelings and find an alternative place to buy. However, if you take the time to find out exactly what could have been done better, then usually, shoppers will be more than happy to tell you why! You can turn a bad situation around and express to the shopper that you’re sorry they had that undesirable experience but that you’ll do everything possible to improve things. You could even sweeten the deal by throwing in a coupon code or free shipping toward a future purchase, for example. In addition, you could also offer them a same day delivery by opting for reliable shipping services from sameday delivery LA.

Good word-of-mouth helps attract new customers

It’s widely acknowledged that bad reviews spread much quicker than good ones, so why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to prevent negative publicity? In the age of social media, many consumers prefer to read reviews posted by others before trying out a new product or service. Many Airbnb homes or Uber drivers live for their rating! While it’s true that motivated employees make for happy customers, it’s also true that listening to the people who buy from your site is a necessary step towards the growth of your business.

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