Business Tasks You Should Be Automating

There are a lot of routine tasks in business that can be automated. This effectively involves delegating them to machines. Below are just some of the tasks that every business can benefit from automating.

Calculating taxes and expenses

Accounting is a time-consuming but necessary task. With the right accounting software like QuickBooks Enterprise, you can take the stress out of book-keeping by allowing your taxes and expenses to be automatically calculated. There are a lot of accounting programs out there to choose from – it’s worth doing your research to find the right one for you. There are many guides such as this one that takes a closer look at Xero. Such guides could help you to better understand the pros and cons of each programme. Meanwhile, some software providers offer free trials, which can allow users to test out these programmes themselves.  

Paying staff

Paying staff doesn’t have to be a lengthy process either. Nowadays, it’s possible to also automate your payroll. It’s even possible to do this with staff that work flexible and ever-changing shifts – by having a punch-in and punch-out system, you can encourage employees to digitally record their own hours, the data of which can be automatically used to work out and pay each employee’s wage.

Onboarding customers

You can also use automation for signing up new customers. Rather than having to quiz customers in person or on the telephone, you can send out automated forms for them to fill out. These can help you to gather all the information you need before taking on a client.

Sending reminder emails

Sometimes customers need a reminder email – but sending out these reminder emails can be something that many business owners forget to do themselves. By embracing automation, you can send out reminder emails just at the right time. These could include late payment reminders, appointment reminders or even reminders to tell customers that they left an item in their shopping basket.

Collecting customer feedback

After working with customers, you can also send out automated feedback requests. These feedback requests could be a way of gaining private feedback or they could be a way of encouraging public online reviews. Private feedback can be useful for making improvements to your business model, while public feedback is useful for improving your reputation.  Most business owners forget to ask customers for feedback so it can be useful to automate this task.

Recording sales analytics

Automation can also be useful for recording sales analytics. This can help you to spot trends in your sales such as popular products and peak times for sales. By understanding these trends, you can take measures to cater for them such as stocking up on more of one product or employing more staff during certain times. By identifying products and times that aren’t popular, you can also work out ways of increasing marketing for these products and times

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