More mums going freelance celebrated by Creative Allies

Creative Allies, the North’s first Freelance Creative Network, is putting heart and soul into the freelance revolution, as new statistics highlight the rise in professional Mums choosing to embrace self-employed status.

Research from IPSE – The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed – reveals that over the past 10 years, there’s be a 54% increase in Mothers leaving their full-time employment to go freelance with a sharp uptake over the past 12 months surging a boost in economy.

With 304,000 self-employed women boosting the economy across the UK, the wave of more Mums opting to go freelance, has been predicted by those in the creative industry for some time. “It’s been a natural progression that such statistics came to light,” said award-winning Director of Creative Allies, Pavan-Riyat Ward. “More and more Mums are freelancing, as it can offer such flexibility around families at a time when child care is so costly and can be hard to find.”

And there’s a trend of big brands and businesses supporting the Mum Movement. “Over the past four months alone, we’ve noticed that more of our clients are expanding on the levels of creative work and require extra staff, thus they fully value parents who freelance to plug any gaps they have in resource.” Pavan adds. “Freelancers generally work hard to earn every penny of their day rate. If they don’t, they don’t get booked again. Being a parent means having to provide for your children and freelancing gives you the opportunity to have flexible working. In my opinion, good freelancers who are parents always over deliver.”

Award-winning Creative Allies was set-up in April this year and is now taking the Advertising and Marketing industry by storm. With 200 highly talented creatives on the books so far – across a broad spectrum of creative disciplines, this is one of the largest virtual creative departments in the North and the firm has just won their first accolade, having been awarded Best Freelance Creative Network 2019 by CV Magazine.

Pavan Riyat-Ward, her husband Creative Director Rick Ward and daughter Polly – who is also a highly experienced Industry professional – adds, “Any parent in the creative industry hoping to go freelance, should learn from our insight that business is booming and we’ve lots of advice to share to anyone thinking about a new way of working.”

The team at Creative Allies is dedicated to offering bespoke talent to clients and personally interview every single person in their network, to ensure that they’re the best. One ‘Ally’ and professional writer Louise Turner, turned to freelance work in 2011, despite the recession in search of a more flexible lifestyle and has never looked back. The Mum-of-two, who lives in Wakefield says: “The lifestyle that I have is flexible and it’s the lifestyle I want. My children see that I have a job that I enjoy doing and that I work around them. I took a gamble in 2011 and set up a two-year-business plan working on my company Wordsmith Ltd and it’s grown so quickly, I now work with 7 other professional Mums. Creative Allies are fabulous to work with and they are obviously a company for creatives, set up by creatives.”

Creative Allies is opening up the Manchester and Leeds corridor, by introducing agencies and clients to freelancers they didn’t know existed before.

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