How many of these design trends will you incorporate into your bathroom?

Bedroom? No thanks. Living room? Boring. Bathroom? This is where it’s at. Right now more than ever, the humble bathroom has become the most important place to modernise and restyle in the entire house. Unless you’re taking a long bath, most of us generally want to dash into the bathroom and out again, but if you take your time and really think about the flow of the room and invest in bathroom refurbishment dublin, it can easily become a cosy, elegant and beautiful area where you can truly relax.

The latest bathroom design trends have been circulating around Instagram, and while you might not like all of them, you might find something that appeals to you and brings a bit of excitement to your bathroom! So, if you’ve already finished improving the rest of your home this year, consider these bathroom design tips.

Dual sinks

It might seem a bit decadent for some, but when your partner is banging on the door just to brush their teeth every morning, it might be prudent to have two sinks after all! The symmetry does look impressive and the other upside is there’s a bit more space to store hair products, shaving tools, etc.

Circular mirrors

The rectangular or square mirror has seemingly existed forever, but we’re definitely liking the concept of a circular mirror these days. It’s a really simple transition, but there’s something so unique and cool about switching up the mirror shape. If you went for the dual sinks, you could either opt for two circular mirrors or one long rectangular mirror. You can also update your vanity by going to Unique Vanities.

Gold or black taps

Silver and white taps are fairly commonplace by now, and it’s safe to say that they’re usually the preferred option of homeowners because they can match far more colour and design schemes in the bathroom. However, if you’d like to mix things up and completely redesign your bathroom, you might like the idea of either golden or black taps. The black option looks edgy and a bit gothic, but really stands out. The golden taps could be something out of a fairy tale but, when used sparingly, gold really packs a punch to your basin. Grohe has a few nice gold and black options that we spotted.

Devil’s Ivy

If you want a plant that’s incredibly easy to care for, can handle all the humidity and darkness and is rather pretty, then it’s got to be the Devil’s Ivy. It looks awesome when cascading over a top shelf or even in the corner of the room to add some colour. Many house plants simply wither and die because we either overwater or underwater them, or they are placed in a bad spot in the house, but the Devil’s Ivy can appear to handle anything that’s thrown at it!

Rainfall shower head

Most of us are pretty used to the standard angled shower head, and while there’s nothing particularly wrong with this, the rainfall shower head provides a whole new experience! Far gentler and soothing, the water pressure is often more comfortable with the rainfall head, and for tall people especially, they won’t have to duck under the shower head when they need to wash their hair! Start building your beautiful shower screens glass now, use Glass Shower Direct’s simple glass shower builder to customize your perfect glass shower and have it shipped to your door directly from the factory.

In-shower recess

This one is practical and gorgeous, which can’t always be said when decorating! The in-shower recess is a nice alternative to placing all your shampoos and body washes on the floor, or even those 3-tier stainless steel racks we all know and love. You could store several things neatly with the in-shower recess.

Persian carpet

Finally, add a bit of warmth and colour to your bathroom floor! The tiles look nice, but are fairly uniform and cold to the touch, but a Persian carpet feels more welcoming but you will have to call a carpet cleaner to often keep the carpet clean. Place a few candles around your bathroom and you’ve got yourself a spot in the house you’ll look forward to seeing again and again.

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