5 ways to store your bike and make more space

Struggling with bike storage while working from home and / or home schooling? Here are some stylish ideas! from Catherine Bedford of Dashel Helmets.

Have you and your family joined the cycling revolution? Cycling is growing rapidly in popularity as people try to take responsibility for their carbon emissions, health and impact on traffic. Due to the coronavirus lockdown, the levels of cycling have increased by 100% on weekdays and a whopping 200% on weekends!

With cycling becoming so popular, more brands are catering to cyclists who are interested in fashion and style, including lots of great accessories for the whole family. Helmets have also had a makeover to help make this essential piece of safety gear a bit more chic. For example, I created Dashel helmets following a career as a design consultant for hotels and accessories, along with the industrial design team of acclaimed British design studio Barber Osgerby.

However, it can feel a shame to arrive home after a family bike ride, to get your daily exercise and have a break from the home schooling on your gorgeous bicycles and not have anywhere designated to store them. And if you’re stuck for space, perhaps living a flat, storing your bikes can be headache. But, just like cycling clothes and helmets, bike storage has recently had a bit of a makeover.

Here are some of my favourite, and most attractive, options when it comes to bike storage…


Contemporary & Compact from Trophy Bike Racks

Most bike storage looks…well…like bike storage. But what if you want to have more fun with your storage solution?

The bull-headed bike racks from Trophy Bike Racks may cost a little more but the unique design serve as a stand-alone, fun pieces of art whenever your bikes are not in use. They’re also fairly compact, helping avoid accidental knocks, and a range of colours is available.

Perfect if you want to turn your storage into a piece of home art – giving you something that looks great and is functional. This is definitely one for in-home use, as it would be a shame to hide it in the garage!


Minimalist & Modern from Roar Studio

For a minimalist look using natural materials and beautiful pastel colours, these wooden poles from Roar Studio are perfect. They are fairly small and discrete, fitting almost anywhere yet capable of holding up to 20kg without breaking a sweat. And despite their designer looks, these are one of the most affordable storage solutions on this list!

They are so discreet that they work particularly well for in-home storage if you don’t have access to a garage or shed.


Customisable & Colourful from Cycloc Solo

Add a pop of colour to your room with the award winning Cycloc Solo, another British made product manufactured alongside Dashel Recycle helmet in Plymouth.

This simple yet effective storage solution gives the option to hang your bike vertically or horizontally, locking in place to secure your bike. It also has a handy storage compartment in the centre, so you can keep everything together.

Ideal for a variety of spaces from garages to hallways and even living rooms.



Weatherproof & Compact from BikeParka

Prefer to leave your bikes outside but worry about the weather? BikeParka has you covered with their aptly-named bike covers. A simple and easy solution for outdoor storage, their light weight, breathable yet weatherproof bike covers are available in a choice of colours. It also packs away easily into a stuff sack and attaches to your bike so you can use it anywhere!

But make sure you remember to lock your bike securely. The cover will protect your bike from the weather, but nor from thieves.


Strong & Secure from The Bike Shed Company

If you want to store your bikes outside but are concerned about security, The Bike Shed is worth a look. The Bike Shed Company hand-builds every one of its sheds using responsibly sourced, UK-grown timber. Every bike shed also comes with a five-year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

These are perfect for the garden and are safe enough that they can be used in a front garden area if you live in a terraced house or flat and don’t have access to a more secure rear garden. And they look good too.



With these bike storage options, you have a wide choice of storage solutions that will also add a flash of colour and style to your home.

In the future, cycling will no longer be synonymous with ugly, utilitarian clothing, equipment or storage. Rather it will be seen as a chic, fashionable way for the family to get around while looking good and playing their part in reducing emissions.

About the Author

Catherine Bedford is the founder of Dashel Helmets. Dashel offers a range of slim, ventilated, lightweight cycle helmets manufactured in the UK. With a distinctive urban feel Dashel Helmets are made from recycled and recyclable materials – ensuring that they low impact at the point of manufacture and produce very little waste at the end of life. The helmets, presented in a stylish dustbag that doubles as a handy rucksack, come in an array of classic colours. Choose from black, blue, sage green and red. Dashel helmets are £79 and available from all good cycle shops and online at https://dashel.co.uk/

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