Parents in Business: Jenna of GlamFIT


Jenna Rigby, 33 from Pendle Lancashire

What do you do?

I help women ditch faddy diets and create a healthy lifestyle through mindset and accountability coaching. I’m an accredited Life Coach and Fitness Professional with over 12 years in success coaching. I’m also a yummy mummy of 5 and have a very busy household

Why did you start your business?

After starting a very successful corporate career in coaching, motherhood was calling me and clearly I got carried away and I had 5 children in the space of 5 years. Yes one after another. And yes clearly I have no TV (I’ve heard all the jokes) 

Whilst juggling returning to work in between each pregnancy I started to familiarise myself with all the mum groups and communities and noticed a common theme. 

Every mum was talking about their weight! Their unsightly stomach, their emotional eating and the latest faddy diet trends the list went on and on. 

“It really bothered me that mums were equating their weight with happiness”

Fitness had been consistent in my life since the age of 16 and had always supporting me in my mental health and wellbeing. It was something I always look forward too after giving birth and found it a form of self-care and time out from the busy day.

One thing I cannot stand online is when I see these marketing ploys encouraging women to part with their money in exchange for some magic diet pills, extreme weight loss tea or crazy supplements. Not only are they insufficient but they are seriously playing around with women’s mental health and wellbeing.

I wanted to combine my Life Coaching skills with my fitness qualifications (which I’d acquired on maternity) to help women ditch faddy diets and create a healthy lifestyle. Forget the number of the scales and work on their confidence and mindset issues after giving birth. I wanted to empower women to take care of themselves in the right way and become body confident as a mum.

So then came about the creation of GlamFIT.

glamfit (adjective.) A woman who knows her worth and is dedicated to her health and wellbeing.

 How did you start your business?

GlamFIT started in September 2019 from my home basement where I created a boutique fitness studio where I helped women get control of their lives and weight through a combination of mindset coaching and fitness training. This concept allowed them to prioritise their wellbeing and focus on results far beyond the number of scales. 

Within 4 weeks I was fully booked offering 12 week complete body transformations that prioritised lifestyle and wellbeing. I helped 20 women lose a combined 52stone – wow this concept worked!

It was time to take my message further. I began working on spreading my message to other mums and women in business. I wrote features for national newspapers – Daily Mail, The Star, The Sun, Huffington Post as well as many local publications talking about lifestyle over faddy diets. I was featured in Marie Claire, Woman and Home, Woman Magazine and Woman’s own and my message started to spread

What challenges have you faced on the way?

Covid 19 arrived just as I was really starting to build a successful business from home so I rose to the challenge and started investing and learning about the online space. I created a mini short course showing women how to get the same results working out from home using my exact weight loss formula. It was important for me to make it affordable and accessible to women who can’t afford a personal trainer or coach.

I always dreamed of creating my own journal and decided that it would be the perfect companion for my online course. It’s pink, girly and set out using my lifestyle formula so can also be teamed up as a diary. I couldn’t have been more proud to see it delivered in October this year. Within just 12 months in business I was reaching my goals and living out my entrepreneurial dreams.

How do you fit work around being a mum?

Being a mum I designed my business specifically around school hours so I could be fully present on the school runs and free to cook fresh food every evening. I don’t attempt “work-related tasks” between the hours of 3-8pm and I find that helps me keep the perfect balance. 

What’s next for you?

I haven’t shared with many people yet but I have been working on releasing a self-help book called MindFIT – The mindset of weight loss. I’m so excited to inspire other mums to take control of their lifestyle and prioritise health and wellbeing. Being a mum doesn’t mean you need to lose sight of yourself and loathe your body. It’s time to show up as your best self and if I can inspire just a handful of women I will have accomplished my goal.

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