Why you need to remain visible in these tricky times, and how to do it

While you might feel like hiding under the duvet at the moment and eating your bodyweight in Easter eggs, now is the time to at least try to shine! 

I’m not going to lie, I have lost work and expect more will go, but I have to believe that there is a future for us all, and I for one am hoping that it will be a bright one. 

In the meantime, as business owners we need to remain visible so that people know we are here to help and support them, both now and in the future. 

And that can be in all kinds of ways – from additional support for clients, giving others free information and resources, looking at new ways of working as well as simply picking up the phone and offering help and support to others. 

When it comes to PR, there is still work to be done and I know that the media aren’t just looking for coronavirus stories and information. 

So, what can you do right now to keep the light burning bright?

Be part of the conversation

Now is the time to be a part of the conversation. You can offer journalists, bloggers and podcasters comment and value as well as supporting pieces they are working on in the future – however uncertain that might be.  Many journalists are freelance and have worked at home for a long-time, but I also have contacts who are now doing the same after a career in the office, so they are adjusting to home working and at the same time are still looking for content and ideas. 

Do some media homework 

Why not use this time, when you maybe have less paid work on your books, to find your media tribe? We all like to think that out products and services should be seen on the pages of glossy magazines and in newspaper features – but which ones would work for you? The reality is, you need to be seen where your target audience hangout, so find out what media the consumer, and start consuming it too. You might not be able to get out and buy hard copies of Red, Bella or The Guardian, but you can look online at their websites, listen to podcasts and tune into the radio, and you never know, this could spark an idea or two. 

Be your own media maker 

If nothing else, and as I say in my book, be your own media maker. Put out your stories, thoughts and ideas on your website and blog. Again, this can be the place to offer free resources, top tips, expert advice. Maybe you’re a tutor who can send out tips on home-schooling, you might be a yoga teacher and can post about grounding exercises or it could be you are PT and could take a leaf out of Joe Wick’s PE teaching book. Have a think about who you are and what you do and see how you can be creative when it comes to getting your message out there.

Get social 

No, you can go out to face to face networking sessions or events, but you can connect on social media. This is another way you can let your voice be heard because this is what people want to hear – if they know, like and trust you and keep seeing you, they may well come back to you when the storm is over -maybe before. I understand that for some people, social media can be a trigger right now, and if that’s you, then you don’t have to get involved, but looking out on Twitter for journalist requests or using LinkedIn to find interesting threads and talk with others, could be a good use of this time. 

The world is in a strange place and so much is uncertain, but the wheels haven’t stopped turning altogether, so try to keep going, build a little bit of PR into your life, but most of all, wash your hands, don’t go into public places unless you have to, think of others, try some journaling and meditation and remember that together we are stronger.  

I hope this helps a little bit and any questions, ask.

Now for more coffee! 


Natalie Trice is an author as well as a PR consultant, mentor and trainer. Her second book, PR School: Your Time to Shine, is out now and is a masterclass in self-promotion that comes with a side serving of confidence. Natalie lives by the sea in Devon with her husband, sons and two news hounds, Coco and Dotty. 

www.natalietrice.co.uk / www.pr-school.co.uk

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