The advantages of owning your own adapted vehicle

According to recent data from the Family Resources Survey, 14.1 million people reported a disability in the UK in 2018-19. Meanwhile, figures from the NHS suggest there are 1.2 million wheelchair users, which works out at approximately one in 55 people, or a little under 2%.

With such a sizeable number coping with mobility issues, it’s vital that they be given every opportunity to live their lives the same way as the next man or woman. Having access to proper transportation options plays a huge part in that, and there are ways to lease disabled vehicles – a solution perhaps best suited to those who only venture out occasionally.

But what about the many people who want to be unhindered in going about their daily business? Companies like Allied Mobility sell a range of vehicles that are yours to keep, and there are plenty of advantages to investing in your own disabled car. Here are just a few of them:


Enjoying a sense of freedom is perhaps something that a lot of us take for granted, but for people with disabilities it can be difficult – and sometimes impossible – to come and go as they please. Having your own disabled vehicle, whether it be a scooter, car or powered wheelchair, means you are less reliant on others when it comes to getting out and about. Faced with an everyday task like popping down the shops for the local paper and a pint of milk? Using a specially adapted vehicle means doing so without the help of anyone else. Wanting some more advantages? Find more info here.


Owning a disabled car can also help you to feel more connected with your loved ones. When there’s a social gathering, you might not have the space – or the inclination – to invite everyone to come to you. Of course, you don’t want to feel left out or restricted by your disability, which is why having access to your own vehicle is so important. It allows you to visit your friends and family and maintain those cherished relationships.


Sometimes, things happen that are out of your control and you have to make plans at the last minute. If those plans involve leaving the house and heading elsewhere, it can be difficult to make travel arrangements at the drop of a hat. With your own disabled vehicle, however, you have a ready-made solution sitting right there on your drive, so you never need to worry about making any spontaneous journeys.


There are also practical reasons for having your own disabled vehicle. The availability of public transport may not always suit your plans, and leasing a car may not always prove a viable long-term solution. With your own, you can get used to getting in and out as well as become familiar with the driving experience if you’re the one who’s getting behind the wheel.

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