5 tips for looking professional on video conference calls

For many of us, working from home is the new normal. Whether you’ve stolen a space at the family dining table, set up a dedicated working space in the office or are slumming it on the sofa it’s important that you continue to look professional when on video conference calls.

Looking professional can mean something different for each and every one of us. Some offices were relatively relaxed before lockdown took place, so your jeans and hoodie combo won’t look out of sorts.

Other businesses have always expected workers to dress in a suit and tie every day. It’s important while working from home you continue to uphold the expectations of your business – especially if you’re going on conference calls with clients or board members. 

Here are some tips to consider to ensure you continue to impress and aren’t afraid to turn your camera on!

  1. Remember, you’re still at work

Yes, you may not be leaving the house but it’s important to remember that you are still contracted to be at work and so your getting ready routine shouldn’t have changed all that much.

Get up, have breakfast then get dressed and ready like usual and be sure to wear clothes that you’d normally wear to the office. This ensures your head is in the right mental place for work and that you’re always ready for that impromptu video call.

Many women have shunned makeup during quarantine which is brilliant but if you find that you feel better and more ready for the day when you wear makeup stick to your usual routine to ensure you feel confident on that next video conference call.

Alternatively, try to remember to put on that one accessory or item of clothing that gives you confidence before you sit down at your computer. Perhaps those designer Tom Ford glasses or a pair of bold earrings that get you recognised at work events. Show up looking your best.

  1. Dress for the job

As noted, it’s a good idea to wear clothes you’d typically wear to the office – or at least dress up your top half! A smart top or shirt and joggers on the bottom is perfectly fine if you’re going to stay sitting for the video conference call. But avoid wearing those stained pyjamas or that oversized dressing gown if you’re turning up for a call.

  1. Find a neutral and quiet location in the house

If you’re living with family or even flatmates you may find that noise carries when they’re in the house. Ask them to try and tone it down when you have a video conference call booked in or if it’s particularly important, encourage them to go for a walk. This is easier said than done for those parents juggling homeschooling with work but they should understand.

  1. Act like you’re in a real-life meeting

Pretend there are no screens. Would you slump or pull a face in a real-life meeting? Don’t forget that everyone can see you on their screen so ensure you remain professional at all times. Leave the eye-rolling until the call has finished!

  1. Make use of headphones

Headphones are a great tool for ensuring you can hear everything that’s being said and to ensure you’re heard too. Check out this round-up of the best headphones for video conferencing here.

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