Tips to help you stick with Dry January, despite the pandemic

With the global pandemic already pushing online alcohol purchases up by over 500%, two mums in business have developed a unique approach to helping others get through this without reaching for the bottle.

With the stress, boredom and unimaginable circumstances of 2020 now spilling over into the New Year, it’s easy to see how, and why, many of us have turned to alcohol to cope. Yet busy single mums (and former big drinkers) Norah Ginty & Dawn Jackson think lockdown is precisely the time to STOP drinking. They’re sharing their bright and bold Sober Success Cards that use positive mindset techniques with the aim of totally changing the narrative you hold in your head around alcohol.

Norah says: “Within minutes of Boris’s announcement on Monday, there were meme’s flying around social media about mums quitting Dry January and using wine to get through the next onset of home schooling. But jokes aside, drinking alcohol is like pouring gasoline on your anxiety! There are so many positives to an alcohol-free lifestyle, whether that’s permanent for you or not.”

She added: “Now is the perfect time to take a break from booze – even just reducing the amount you drink will help you cope better with these extraordinary circumstances. You’ll also improve your physical health energy levels, mental health, your appearance, your relationships, your parenting… plus you save a lot of money, which is in short supply for most of us at the moment!”

Their uplifting Sober Success Cards bring users a daily dose of motivation to stay on the sober train with 34 unique and individual affirmations to choose from. You simply pick a success card each day at random to reveal the exact affirmation you’re meant to keep in mind. Through repetition, it’s proven to make staying high and dry all day (and night) long, much easier. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Norah has seen incredible results time and time again from this type of practice.

And they might just be onto something. In January 2020, over 4 million people took part in Dry January. Research shows that more millennials are identifying as ‘sober curious’ and are open minded to exploring the benefits of not drinking. The Atlantic reported in 2019 that alcohol-free cocktails had become easier to find as Generation Z has become less enthused about drinking in general. There are countless celebrities in Hollywood and around the World who credit sobriety with their success. In short, it’s cool to be sober.’s Tips to staying on your Dry January Course amid the chaos!

TIP 1: Question your Why

First, realise that alcohol is not the answer to the current crisis. Alcohol is actually a depressant, so will make the problem seem much bigger as time goes on.

Recognise that there might be a reason behind your daily glass of wine. Is it really because you enjoy the drink? Or are you bored? Lonely? Look at your reasons and pick a healthier alternative to soothe your soul.

TIP 2: Plan, plan, plan!

Make your house booze free. Give away or throw away any remaining alcohol in the house. You can always regift bottles if they are unopened so they are not wasted.

Stock up on alternatives. It doesn’t have to be alcohol free wines and beers. Tonic water is lovely, refreshing and has a bite all on its own. Kombucha is a fabulous grown up alternative drink or try out your own virgin mocktail!

Our minds love routine. What routines can you put in place for structure? E.g. Signing up to online exercise classes, walking at the same time every day, taking turns in cooking healthy meals in the kitchen, finding new recipes, reaching out to one person every day by telephone to ask how they are, or sharing how you are feeling.

Ask for help if you need it. Reach out. Speak with others. Contact us, if you wish. Know that you are not alone.

TIP 3: Be kind to yourself

Self care is the single, most powerful way to protect yourself during this pandemic. Alcohol is not self care. So what does self care look like? It is going to bed on time. Speaking kindly to yourself. Taking time for yourself to relax and unwind. A bath. Candles. Walks. Reading. Nature. Write a list of healthy ways you relax and choose from this list daily.

You cannot control what restrictions the government put in place, or the weather, or other people’s feelings, or the future. So focus on what you can control. Your self care. Your diet and exercise. Your actions, re-actions and mindset can all be controlled. Focus on the controllable.

AND the best bit is to treat yourself with the money you save! Keep a jar with your savings and then go wild with it!

To get your hands on a pack of Sober Success Cards for yourself, visit * On offer at £11.99 for January only.

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